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Almost Lost

NancieAug 22, 2018, 3:26:45 AM

Amnika kept her head buried in Nahaeda's hair, peaking over only to get some fresh air. She held her hand on the throbbing spot on her arm. The pain was a distraction from most of the adult's conversation. She didn't want the adult Inersiens to worry about her, so she kept her head covered.

They called themselves Hemerians, and they seem to be obsessed with their mating rituals.

"...and that is why it's so important that our females look this way." By now, Amnika figured out that the one speaking was male by the way they use pronouns. The other didn't speak.

"Ah, yes, well."

Amnika peaked out from under her hood to see her father shift from one foot to another with his arms crossed.

"You've told us that you mine gems?" Zeth asked.

Amnika could feel Nahaeda straighten up. She knew that gems were an interest to Natisiens.

"You do have niaka crystals." Nahaeda's voice rumbled beneath Amnika. "The Natisiens are beginning to neglect their traditions to make data Crystals. This will lighten our load."

"Yes," the Hemerian said. "Yes we do, and we can polish and shape them the way you want."

"Good," Zakkon said. "We will discuss our trade after our tour." He motioned towards an entrance. "Shall we start with the decision building?"

The Hemerians followed Zakkon, Zeth followed them, and Nahaeda followed last.

"Come Rhada," Nahaeda told his son. Rhada followed. Two other Natisien wall-guards followed.

Amnika still had her hand on her arm. It didn't hurt as much, but she started to feel lightheaded.

She leaned over and whispered in Nahaeda's ear, "Put me down by Father, Nahaeda. I don't feel well."

Nahaeda put her down by Zeth. Amnika stood motionless there for a moment.

"Oh, Zeth," Glondikia said.

Zeth looked at Amnika, and to his horror, there was a spot of blood forming on the floor next to Amnika.

He immediately kneeled in front of her and threw open her cape. Her right forearm sleeve was bright red with blood. There was a crimson trail on her dress above where the blood dripped onto the floor. Rodgistan walked over and kneeled down next to them.

Nahaeda saw it and huffed as he glared at the Hemerians. The two guards fidgeted and growled.

"It was an accident." Amnika's voice was barely a whisper. "He didn't mean to." Amnika then flashed the type of hard skin that she felt when Kinku grabbed her arm. "He probably didn't think he would poke through."

Nahaeda calmed down a little, but Zakkon was still angry.

"We cannot deal with such dangerous foolishness. Keep your children in order, or we may not be able to make any deal today," he demanded. "That is a serious injury to an Inersien child."

Zeth healed Amnika's arm enough to stop the bleeding. He didn't have enough energy to give to her to bring her levels up, so Rodgistan gave her some of his.

One of the Natisien guards said something over communications. Moments later, three more walked in.

If Amnika weren't so tired, she would have giggled at the scene.

The Natisiens puffed themselves up and moved slowly towards the Hemerians. What Amnika thought as the female Hemerian moved behind her husband. Her husband offered no protection and tried to get behind her.

Looking at the Natisien faces, she could see the Natisiens smiling. One of them grunted in mock anger, and the male jumped.

"We, We are sorry," the Hemerian stammered. Another Natisien grunted he made a quick motion forward. "We will make sure that they don't cause problems anymore." The last statement came out quickly as the Hemerian shrunk back. Amnika thought she could hear one of the Wall Guards stifle a laugh.

Nahaeda put up his hand towards the guards, and they stopped. "If Zakkon says it's okay, we can give them another chance."

The Natisiens glared at the Hemerians for a little while.

"We will try this again," Zakkon said. Then he motioned to the angry guards. "Natisiens do not like to see Inersiens injured. Especially our children." He didn't try to hide his amusement.

The guards didn't want to stop intimidating newcomers. They glared at them for a moment longer until Hemerians began to squirm. One Natisien finally growled, "They're throwable," and they backed off.

"I'll take her to medical," Nahaeda said, and he picked her up. He cradled her in his arms.

Amnika was too tired to stay awake, and she fell asleep.

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