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We're doomed. Automation renders money obsolete. Future currency is 'social credit score' issued by impartial AI.

ME2007VigilMay 23, 2019, 2:27:45 PM

We all knew it was a lie – the promise that the world's 1% would give the rest of us a lifetime of easy living for the lost cost of letting them neuter us. Well, they didn't put it quite like that, but it was what they meant.

Basically, the government had run out of money for social programs at a time when mass automation had rendered most of us humans obsolete. The 1% had to step up and offer us something or the 99% would vote to nationalize their asses.

Here's the deal they gave us:

All our needs would be provided for. If we wanted anything extra, we'd need to earn 'social credit' based on good deeds and having a positive attitude. So right off the bat, I knew my social credit would be shit.

An impartial AI would do all the calculating to determine how best to allocate resources, then it would generate a menu of options for us to choose from. What to eat? Choose between pizza or hamburger. Once in a while, the AI would grace us with the option to have sushi. What to wear? The AI would give us a catalog once a year, and we'd pick whichever outfit was the least lame. As for luxury items like jewellery or owning your own car, you'd need to purchase that with social credit.

Who would issue the social credit, you ask? Why, the AI, of course.

They told us having an AI do it would make things fairer and more impartial. Here's the kicker: who got to program the AI? Yeah, I wasn't stupid, and neither was most the population to my surprise. So they, the 1%, told us we could vote to veto any changes the devs wanted to make to the AI's algorithm.

Notice the phrasing. Vote to veto. We wouldn't have no power to propose changes. The showrunners would tell us what they wanted to change, and we'd vote yes or no.

Oh, and we weren't allowed to knock up the women. I mean we could fuck whoever we wanted whenever we wanted, but if we men got any of the women pregnant, we'd be kicked out of paradise. If the mom refused her free abortion, the kid would stay with mom, and mom would get to stay in paradise, to which I say fuck that. That ain't fair. But hey, that's male privilege right there.

Now the justification for this was that the 1% could afford to take care of all of us, but not if the population kept growing. Fine. Whatever. Most of us, like me, weren't planning on having kids anyway because we lazy fucks who didn't want that responsibility. So it came as a surprise when the showrunners told us we wouldn't be getting free condoms and birth control. These were considered luxury items and we needed social credit to buy them.

So in summary, we got to live in a post-scarcity paradise with nothing better to do except fuck all day, but in order to fuck we'd need to please the AI-god watching over us or we wouldn't earn enough social credit to buy the condoms we needed to avoid knocking up the stupid broads. Well, if that was the case, then the ladies had better pucker up their lips, rub their hands warm and lube-up their assholes because they gon' get fucked in all the wrong places if this is gonna be the policy.

Then we were told that male vasectomies would be free.

It was clear to me what they were gunning for. They wanted us sterilized in exchange for a lifetime of easy living.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I wasn't about to start no family anyway. I was a broken man with no hope for the future. And I didn't think I had it in me to love anyone, not even my own children. Don't ask my why. If it were so easy to understand one's own psychology, we wouldn't need shrinks, would we? Not that I'd ever seen a shrink. Fuck that. I was who I was, and I didn't delude myself into thinking I could change.

A lot of men were in the same boat as me, worse off, in fact. Men who came from broken families. Men whose families got broken. No job prospect. Not needed by society, by their wives or their children.

We knew the deal the 1% offered us was a lie. There wasn't going to be no post-scarcity paradise. We knew bad shit was waitin' for us if we agreed. And it wasn't like we didn't have other options. We could live as bums, sleeping in the gutters and waiting for the day we die. Or we could vote for communism. Yeah, we were aware of its pitfalls, but we were well past caring about that.

In the end, a lot of us chose to accept the deal. At least with this deal, there was a faint hope it might not turn out all bad. Also, a lot of us had moral reservations about outright communism. Don't get me wrong. Deep down inside, we wanted the horror and the mass death and violence that would come with it. We just couldn't justify it without first having an excuse to get real mad. Getting neutered by the 1% only for paradise to turn out to be a lie was the perfect excuse to start a communist revolution in which we would kill a bunch of rich faggots.

Oh, what's that? You're shocked by my admission that I want death and violence? Let me tell you something. If I can't create, and I sure as hell tried, I tried to be a novelist, an artist – if I cannot create, then I shall destroy.

Now for you, maybe love is what's keeping you from going ballistic. Got a wife? Kids? A community? Good for you. I ain't ever experienced love. Only disappointment. Bitterness. Loathing. Hate. So fuck love. I never bought into it.

You see, love is like chocolate. If you ain't ever tasted chocolate, you don't know how good it is. If I tell you it's the best thing since sliced bread, maybe you believe me. Maybe you wanna try it out. But then I tell you that you gotta drive two hours to the only chocolate shop in the country, line up four hours, and then pay a million bucks for a tiny morsel, and after all that work the chocolate might end up divorcing you and taking half your shit, maybe you decide it's not worth the trouble.

So fuck you and your chocolate. I wanted to see civilization crumble. And I wasn't alone. We accepted the deal, agreed to be neutered, the price of admission to a false paradise.

We were about to get mad.

We smiled for the world as we sharpened our sticks behind our backs.

To our shock and surprise, paradise turned out to be real.  

To be continued...

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