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The Most Private/Anonymous Web Browsing (for the average person)

LuculentFeb 11, 2020, 8:50:18 PM

Previously I talked about anonymous web browsing using TOR, and doing so privately over a VPN. Now I would like to combine the two into best solution I know of; using TOR with the AirVPN client.

I need to mention here that I do not work for AirVPN, nor do I or will I receive anything from AirVPN by making this post. I simply use AirVPN and TOR because it is the most private and anonymous way I know of to browse the internet. There may be others I an unaware of.

If you remember, the anonymity limitation of TOR is that data leaving the exit-node is not encrypted, meaning whomever is running the exit-node has the opportunity to snoop. Additionally you should remember the privacy limitation of using a VPN service is that the VPN service can track and log your IP and traffic, (even if they promise they don’t, or wont provide it to a third party). Using the AirVPN client and setting TOR as the ‘connection mode’ is the solution.

Using this solution, the VPN server will never see your IP address but rather the IP of the Tor exit-node, adding another privacy layer. Further, in the event you pass through a compromised or malicious TOR exit-node, data is still encrypted while passing through the TOR exit-node providing a major layer of anonymity.

The major drawback to using this excellent solution is you will take a rather significant cut in performance. You need to determine what is more important to you, super tight anonymity/privacy, or speed and performance.

If you are interested in giving this solution a go at it, you will need to secure an account with AirVPN, and download the connection client, (using the connect as TOR setting). You will also need to download and install the TOR browser bundle.

Whether you are a reporter, whistle-blower, or simply want to use the internet without prying eyes (of any ilk), scrutinizing or surveilling your browsing, I hope you have found this mini series helpful in your quest for anonymity and privacy.