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Accessing The Hidden; Deep; Dark Web

LuculentOct 13, 2016, 1:51:46 PM

Most folks don’t realize just how extremely vast the internet actually is, because they only see a certain tiny fraction of it. The reason being, is millions of online documents are indexed on perhaps thousands of various databases across the internet. Most specific information is not typically found using common, everyday search engines such as Google and Bing, but can be accessed over the clearnet using search engines that reference target-specific information such as legal, scientific, and educational documents. LLRX is one such example.

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Like I mentioned, nearly all the information a regular person might need can be found on the clearnet, also referred to as the surface web. However, there is a deeper and sometimes darker web that some people will find fascinating, and might find some worth in investigating. Lying beneath the surface is a who’s who and a what’s what of scientists, sociologists, government officials, revolutionaries, whistle-blowers, activists, law enforcement, kidnappers, perverts, data miners, hackers, etc;  spanning the entire moral compass. From the benign researcher, to the self serving social justice movement, to the lethal assassins and most adept hackers, over 90% of the web is hidden over the internet on the deep web. Blogs, forums, pirated software/movies/music, wikileaks, drugs, anything that anybody wants to keep “under the radar” or anonymous, keeps their data hidden over the deep web. Keep in mind before you decide to check it out further, that while content in the deep web is not all bad in nature, some of it is unlawful and virtually none of it is indexed over Google or Bing.

You might be wondering how it is that you might be able to access this deep and sometimes dark web, if the material is not indexed on traditional search engines. I want to be clear on these important parts before I go further in telling you how to access the deep web. While browsing lawful material will most likely go un-noticed, browsing unlawful material might put you in the spotlight. If you buy anything illegal over the dark web, you are putting yourself directly in harms way. From getting ripped-off, to bad folks potentially targeting you, to the NSA or FBI breathing down your neck. Even though the methods of using the deep web take your anonymity into account, partaking in anything unlawful is sooner or later going to put you under the microscope, and unless you are very very good, you’re going to get busted.

All that being said, in order to access the deep web, you’re going to want to use TOR. You can use either TOR standing alone on its own, TOR over TAILS, or with added privacy using TOR over VPN. Myself, I typically use TAILS, and I also use TOR over VPN. It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as your playing it safe. (Clicking on the links, tells you what you need to know about each option.)

Now that you’re connected to the TOR network, the best place to begin your exciting journey into the depths of the internet, is to go to the HiddenWiki page, and have a look around. Here is the link you need to copy and paste into the TOR browser. Notice in the URL the .onion suffix. If you are not using the TOR browser, you will not be able to use this site, or any other onion website, all of which reside on the hidden web. This is what you should see:

Spend some time poking around the HiddenWiki to get a bit aquained browsing the deep web; using your own discretion. Don’t be surprised if some of the links are dead, as you can well imagine some of these sites pick up and move around frequently for obvious reasons. I’ll give you a couple of reasonable links that should work for sure (right-click and Copy URL Location):

That’s all there is to it, consider yourselves introduced to the hidden web which is sometimes deep and dark. Like I said earlier, most of the content any person should need can be found on the clearnet. However, most folks are curious by nature, and there is potentially no harm in using the deep web for reasonable purposes. So, besides using your best judgement with respect to the content you browse, to your own peril, just do not make any changes to the settings of the TOR browser, including resizing the window; do not download anything; do not browse PDF files; do not view any content you decide to download on the same computer you used to do the downloading with; do not buy anything, and you should be in good shape.