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Is Lonero the Cryptocurrency that Satoshi Always Dreamed of?

LoneroLNRAug 30, 2018, 6:13:10 PM

Satoshi Nakamoto is the Bitcoin creator and highly rumored initializer of the cryptocurrency movement. We believe Satoshi would certainly be (or is) amazed with the idea that Lonero is bringing to the cryptocurrency industry.

The concept of Lonero and the technology we are developing is remarkably similar to the entire concept behind Bitcoin and the vision that Satoshi laid forth.

Satoshi pictured a safe and secure currency

Satoshi visualized a global ecosystem where monetary exchanges would be anonymous as well as safe, and unfortunately this is far from what many “pioneering” coins such as BCH, XRP, VET and EOS have actually come to be nowadays.

These coins are semi-anonymous at best, because their developers are hesitant to push the boundaries of finance because of failed hope to comply with the regulations of local government, banks, and financial institutions. Something Satoshi would be upset to witness.

Financial institutions and large banks commonly share sensitive personal information with various other banks, regulatory authorities and state governments without the authorization of their consumers. Lonero aims to minimize this.

Satoshi wanted a system where monetary worth could be transferred securely, affordably, and anonymously at lightning speeds. This is something many cryptos’ aim to do but few really live up to.

The technology behind Lonero can bring back the confidentiality and anonymity that Satoshi Nakamoto hoped for.

Closing words

The stability, speed, and anonymity of Lonero make it a revolutionary project and a coin that will stand out amongst others.

With the coin market being in such a bearish state, some analysts say that it could be the end of the road for this movement, but our team believes that this is entirely unlikely. We believe that is merely the beginning.

In fact, if some sort of crypto apocalypse came about to wipe out a majority of the coins we believe Lonero would be one of the few coins that remains. This is because Lonero relies heavily on privacy and stability. These functions will always be required, regardless of what happens to the state of the cryptocurrency industry.

Lonero (LNR) is a cryptocurrency that's heavily concentrated on privacy, anonymity, speed, and above all decentralization.