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The Conformity Conundrum:

LogicianMagicianApr 9, 2019, 11:31:35 AM

(Current State April 4th 2019.)

At the moment, it seems that in order to succeed at much of anything, we must conform. Whether it be to a certain perspective or in regards to what words we are allowed to use to express thoughts. If we don't abide by a status quo driven accepted mode, then we are ostracized in the social ecosystems and, in a roundabout way, made economically inviable.

This is a sort of unspoken economic terrorism, mob mentality, metaphorical modern-day public stoning or branding a perceived individual a heretic.

As economics is tied to our biological survival; this is an attack on our livelihood. (Social media moderators and terms of service of these platforms are more guilty of this, at a higher level then any other demographic in the so-called real world with profound Heights of ramification never before possible before the advent of the internet.)

The inherent problem with our current state of conformity, is that in order for everyone to agree on something and thereby conform to it, it must be simple. Simplicity is not realistic, as reality is quite complicated. We are agreeing on an overly simplistic lie; an oversimplification logical fallacy.

This is why status quo driven "truth" of the day equates to delusion.

Logical fallacy + cognitive bias = delusion.

Abracadabra! Hocus Pocus! Fuck-us Poke-us!

For the majority, the overly simplified object of conformity can be blissful as it makes social survival so easy, (instant gratification, sense of success and all tied to our dopaminergic system).

The majority are simple-minded. By simple-minded, I mean, typically, they don't want to put forth too many calories to assessing a situation; a lack of mental complexity. We could describe mental complexity as far-reaching lateral connectivity; perceiving cause and effect further into the distance of the equation of logic and/or thought.

The further we track the cause and effect equation potentiality, the more effort it takes. The simple-minded do not put forth the effort and thereby stay blissfully unaware.

That is where the "ignorance is bliss" quote rings painfully true.

(Mental Prisons, Manipulative Life-forms and Economic Bias)

There are those who are that nominal step above the majority of whom are aware of the falsehood but use it to manipulate the majority. This is, not only for the purpose of social survival, access to potential mates but also economic success.

For example, in regards to religion; all one must do is feign religiosity and join a prominent church. Then people are more apt to trust that person and even do business with them. All you have to do is live a lie in public, then go home and be quite the opposite; sleep well at night and be successful.

Path of least resistance.

The simple-minded are victimized by their very own beliefs. Those beliefs are their weaknesses and the bars of their mental prisons.

(Social Media and Morally Pious Ivory Towers.)

On social media, it's a different kind of religiosity but religiosity just the same. Especially on this platform, (minds.com) as this platform has made people on social media even more economically biased but it is similar no matter what platform. Social media really isn't much different than the so-called real world either.

On social media people conform to a certain mode of communication and a wide array of virtue signaling, of which serves as a sort of confirmation bias for the majority's overly simplified, delusional identities.

On social media and out in the so-called real world; there is conformity of a certain vocabulary. Curse words, for example; arbitrarily deemed inappropriate for no other reason then to paint some of the population as villains and virtue signal to the sense of self; pink by myself into the pious Ivory Tower of Morality. (This sort of agreement is used to justify suppression or outright censorship of any dissenting voice. The modern-day metaphorical public stoning or village idiots raising the pitchforks and torches with the intent to burn the intellectual heretic.)

There is also the status quo driven opinion that we must be polite at all times; negative feedback has become a crime because it fights back against the status quo driven delusions of the day. It is for this reason that the majority have agreed upon the status quo driven opinion that we shouldn't be "rude". They don't want to be forced to question their beliefs of which, somewhere inside, they are insecure about.


Not all forms of conformity serve every demographic and this has encouraged the emergence of different gangs, clicks or groupings of different oversimplification logical fallacies combined with arrays of cognitive bias.

This produces culture wars. People divided over their overly simplistic delusional religious beliefs.

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

(Acceptance of the Axioms)

There are those of us who see where all of this goes and refuse to be fake. The responsible adults, if you will.

We know reality is complicated; our default mode is brave acceptance of whatever it is we know or do not know. In the instances where we do not know, there are a number of possibilities of which fluctuate in value or probability.

We couldn't pretend to be as simple as conformity demands, even if we wanted to.

(Intentionality and Reciprocal Empathy leading to Prejudice against Intelligence)

It's irrelevant to the majority what intentionality the mentally complex life-forms offer. The majority cannot run a reciprocal empathy model for something that is beyond their mental complexity level or they don't care to and therefore, they don't know what the mentally complex would do or why they would do, whatever hypothetical behavioral expressions are in question.

This produces a prejudice birthed out of fear and compounds the unacknowledged negative projections towards the non-conformist, mentally complex, perceived individuals within the superorganismil structure.

(Prediction & Warnings.)

A prediction can be made as we extrapolate possible and potentially probable, future evolutionary simulations.

These agreed upon conformist differences, fracturing the different levels of intelligence AND mental complexity combinations into these different cultural demographics, could very well drive divergence within our perceived species. This is, perhaps, another unwanted happening that may occur if the writing on the wall is not observed, post haste!

A way to avoid this possible outcome is through effort put forth by the entire population to perceive things as they are. We must remove logical fallacy and cognitive bias or we will always be divided. We cannot agree over opinions because opinions are too simple to be true. We can only agree on what IS or what is logical, when axioms are not observable.

To vilify and terrorize those of us who refuse to be fake OR suppress our thoughts, makes us enemies. It's also dangerous for everyone because WE are aware and awareness is beneficial for biological survival.

In closing, a succinct reminder... here is the logician magician equation...

As reality is complicated, whatever is agreed upon, is too simple to be true. Conformity = delusion.

To ignore us in order to protect your delusions, is to ignore the lion in the bushes; of which YOU can't see but those who are more aware can; just so you can protect your fairy dust and happy thoughts.

Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus, Fuck-us Poke-us!

Now opinions and beliefs disappear!