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Top 10 Movies to Watch Stoned

ListicleseOct 11, 2018, 6:09:03 AM

Top 10 Movies to Watch Stoned

Listiclese here again! Just wanted to share some films that are great for mixing marijuana with! Remember kids, ask an adult before lighting up!

1. Heavy Metal 

Does it need to be said? The original stoner cartoon has some of the best visuals and the soundtrack can’t be beat! Pop it on and go for a trip through the universe, spanning time and imagination! But make sure the blunt is rolled tight, because you are going to question life itself after watching this flick!

2. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

From Steve Oedekirk, Kung Pow: Enter the Fist is one of the greatest dub-overs in cinematic history, with the director super-imposing his face over the original star of the Hong Kong film "Tiger & Crane Fists"! Genius! A few hits of the pipe and you’ll be laughing and screaming “That’s a lot of nuts”!!!

3. Southland Tales

The follow-up from same dude that directed Donnie Darko wasn’t very well received by critics, but maybe that’s because they weren’t stoned! With many great actors and an alternate timeline that was eerily possible, Southland Tales is sure to keep you rewinding just to make sure they said what you thought they said. It’s not in your head, man!

4. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World 

Back when Michael Cera wasn’t completing grating on everyone’s nerve, he did alright in this adaptation of the comic book about a dude that has to fight the evil exes of his current girlfriend! A coming of age story, the video game/ comic feel is heavy and entertaining throughout! Pack some indica and let the couch take you to Scott’s world!

5. Conan the Barbarian 

Another actor at the peak of his career, Arnold absolutely kills it as a slave become warrior become king story that is loved and endeared by all ages! The sweeping landscapes, the immersive soundtrack, and Arnold killing anything and everything makes this perfect for a bong toke or five!

6. Hardcore Henry 

Music video directors sometimes get a bad rap on their first cinematic foray, but I think this film is a wonderful statement on how to do something unique and right! Thrown right into the action, Hardcore Henry's non-stop pace in first person perspective will keep you forgetting about that burning joint in your hand!

7. Super Troopers 1 & 2 

One originally marketed as a stoner comedy, Super Troopers 1 and 2 are a double-feature that complement each other like a fine oil dab on top of a frosted bud! With characters like Farva, the laughs come fast and consistent, good for multiple viewings!

8. Any Trilogy 

It’s time to fire up the blu-ray player, or DVD if you’re poor, and watch all three Lord of the Rings in one sitting! Or have you ever watched the 8 main Star Wars in reverse, starting with universally-loved The Last Jedi? Well make sure the dealer came through with the half-ounce, we’ll get some food, and make this whole affair proper!

9. Raising Arizona 

I like Nicholas Cage, he act all crazy and that make me laugh. To see him at his absolute best, you have to watch him in the Coen Brothers’ masterpiece, Raising Arizona. With a shifting plot, insane characters in every frame, and the fate of a baby on the line, it’s perfect for a date with that stoner chick you’ve been trying to fuck!

10. Wall-E 

After the lights are down, the kids get to watch a movie before bed, and dad has to go outside to fire one up. What better movie to come back inside to than Wall-E? With robots, space, future, and redemption all on the line, can you make to the credits without crying? No stoned father can.

That was my picks for the top 10 movies to watch while high! What about you? What's your favorite film to toke and tune? Let us know in the comments!

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