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6 Things People Do That Make You NUTS!!!

ListicleseOct 11, 2018, 4:18:49 AM

6 Things People Do That Make You NUTS!!

Listiclese here!!! I wanted to share what makes me go crazy about you walking piles of meat! Let's take a look and then maybe some of you stop doing these things!

1. Masticate 

We all have to chew, but why do some of you gotta do it so God damn loudly? Eating is great and eating is good but please, don’t act like a cow. Close your mouth and chew slowly, you inconsiderate asshole!

2. Masturbate 

Some of us might not be so lucky with the ladies or the men, so we got to depend on our own darn selves. Problem is, you share a room with a non-sexual partner. Oh well, he won’t mind, right? A shaking bunk is no need for concern!

3. Moan & Bitch

Is your life really that hard? Well have you seen or done anything good or worth a damn lately? No? Then shut the fuck up. No one wants to hear you complain and no one cares about what you don’t like.

4. Drive Recklessly 

Hey watch out! What the fuck, man? We’re all trying to get to the same place, but you cutting me off just for three spaces isn’t helping the situation! Good thing places like New York and London have big ugly poles to stop asshole drivers! If only they acted like real Poles on immigration policies! And when you’re turning, use your gosh darn turn signals!

5. Steal Your Eats 

How could you not know that food in the fridge wasn’t yours? That’s got to be the worst excuse I’ve ever fucking heard. Get in the car, you’re buying me some groceries!

6. Bad Toilet Manners 

There is some things to do in a bathroom and there are other things not to do in a bathroom. One of those things is getting your urine and feces anywhere other than the toilet! Same goes for toilet paper! You think the world wants to smell your shit? Fuck no, lets mix and mash with everyone else’s down at the sewage plant in the poor section of town! Let them smell your shit!

Those are the 6 things that really grind my gears about you people! What about you? Did you want to say something about it? Let me know in the comments!

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