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5 Ways to Make a Better Predator Movie

ListicleseOct 9, 2018, 10:08:45 AM

5 Ways to make a better Predator Sequel

1. Don’t make the chicks ridiculously strong or agile or whatever. 

Look, we all love and respect women, but I want to see more realistic depictions of them in action. Can I see a mother train her son to hunt predators? Or a woman make a predator the best darn apple pie this side of the Milky Way? Hello, bigots in Hollywood, it’s 2018 now.

2. Revive the classic characters. 

Dannie Glover and Arnold are still kicking, as is Adrien Brody. Let’s get one last go from all the survivors of past films versus an army of predators. It’d be the infinity war of the Predator extended cinematic universe brought to you by Disney.

3. Earth is overdone, let’s go places! 

The movie Predators was cool, not just because of Danny Trejo, but because the setting was unique and different. An alien planet is where this franchise needs to visit, maybe a haunted spaceship too. You can have the slasher-type element on the journey to this crazy new world!

4.More Predator Extended Universe. 

There’s already hundreds of books and comics all dedicated to Predator, all filled with wonderful ideas. Just pick and choose: You got Concrete Jungle, Instinct, even a crossover with Batman. The epicness is already there, it just has to be brought to the big screen.

5. Stop making it about the humans. 

Maybe I want a film that focuses on the strife and tribulations of a young predator trying to make it a big galaxy? Can I get that? Because I would go see that. Enemy Mine is about the closest I can think of a movie focused on the alien, but make it without Dennis Quaid impregnating Louis Gossett Jr.

Well those are my suggestions for making a better and more interesting Predator sequel, one that isn’t defined by over-the-top action, senseless violence, and convicted pedophiles making the movie change at the last minute.

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