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5 Ways to Make a Better Aliens Movie.

ListicleseOct 10, 2018, 1:44:06 AM

5 ways to make a better Aliens movie.

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After the dust has settled from the Alien: Covenant fiasco, where does the Alien franchise move on from there? Let’s take a look at five ways the next Alien sequel can be better!

1. Bring Back Ripley

We all miss Sigourney Weaver. Though she was like a clone or something in her last go at the role of Ripley, maybe she can do real person stuff in a sequel to Aliens: Resurrection that sees Ripley fight those genetically manipulated monsters on Earth!

2. Connect Alien and Alien: Covenant

But do it in a way that’s not too stupid or obvious. Maybe make it so that David’s little creatures are different form the first kind we saw on LV-426. Have it so it’s a full-on battle of ideologies, with Michael Fassbender’s theological David character taking on Paul Reiser's corporatist Burke character!

3. Let’s Go to War 

They’ve kept talking about how the Company or the military is trying to weaponize these Aliens, so let’s have a film where they do just that. Imagine planets succumbing to a man-made Alien invasion, or an elite group sent in to test these new Alien warriors. Let’s see how badass Aliens can get!

4. Aliens Extended Universe

Like Predator, the Alien extended universe is full of crossovers, short tales, and awesome new directions to take the franchise. Even the comic books’ alternate plot to the sequel to Aliens was far superior to Alien 3's take. So let’s get the good out and not fuck it up like Aliens Vs. Predator, okay?

5. Reboot to Recapture 

At this point in the franchise’s nearly forty year long run, it would be acceptable to just restart the whole damn thing. Let’s see what a new crew would do after finding a facehugger, or a seedy An-Cap corporation searching the galaxy for such life, only to have it kill them all! A hard restart is sometimes the best way to get things going again!

Those are my ideas for a better Aliens movie! Again, a big thank you to channel @tstjohn for the suggestion!

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