The main purpose of this channel is simply to aggregate information. Particularly, information that explains how we are trapped, physically, spiritually, and mentally, through the means of "mind control", various methods of trickery, and technology. All government is SLAVERY. Grow up and take responsibility for YOURSELF, stop attempting to externalize your power. Anarchy means without rulers. It does not mean chaos. An(without)-Archon(ruler/master). Occult means hidden from sight. Occultism is the examination of that which has been hidden from sight. Knowledge is never evil in and of itself, it is how you use and employ it in the world. ~ https://www.mensenrechten.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/the-most-dangerous-superstition-larken-rose-20111.pdf ~ https://mensenrechten.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/EndofallEvil1.pdf ~ Occasionally I will post some music that I write. It's all entirely made in LMMS (lmms.io) and it's typically glitch, dubstep, or d&b. ~ Unix philosophy, “Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together. Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface.” Profile Picture - "Put your head on" by Lexpionage Banner - "Correspondence" by Lexpionage
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"It will be argued that civilization and the extraordinary advances of science prove the intelligence and capabilities of the human being. However, this argument is only a reflection of the fact that Homo sapiens holds his intelligence in high regard, considering it as the highest human manifestation. It can thus be understood that the actions and memory of great intellectuals are venerated, exceeded in power and prestige only by that of great millionaires. A genius will be long remembered in history, even if he was the inventor of a lethal weapon capable of destroying half of humanity. Hermeticism rejects the assertion that intelligence is the most valuable element of the human individual, and instead maintains that humanity's most precious and priceless element is consciousness, in the sense of being more aware, more awakened, more alert, judicious, and wiser. This faculty of consciousness, which most people lack, is only born in persons who, for a variety of reasons, have reached a higher than normal level of awakeness in life; who in a certain sense have awakened, liberating themselves from the somnambulistic hypnosis which afflicts the masses. Homo sapiens is in general an integrally programmed being at the cerebral, emotional, instinctive, and physical levels. What psychology calls personality can also be defined as an individual program. Each individual possesses an intricate and extensive cerebral program due to the effects of heredity, education, culture, imitation, learning, conditioned reflexes, and so on. So when a person thinks, he can only do so within the basic context of his cerebral program from which he cannot deviate for any reason, even if he tries to do so. Each person must necessarily keep to his cerebral script and cannot do anything other than manifest himself in it and through it. In order to understand this, one can think of program and consciousness as absolutely contradictory elements. Consciousness implies the capacity for change, choice, and self-determination, which obviously is not possible in a being who is the visible manifestation of a program. The Great Programmer can be called God, Universal Father, Cosmic Intelligence, or any other name, but the reference is always clear. Due to his cerebral program and other little-known phenomena, the human being lives in a permanent somnambulistic state." - from Stellar Man by John Baines #occult #freedom #archons #reptilianbrain #wakeup
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