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“Arthur C Clarke Center For Human Imagination”

Leif RømckeSep 9, 2020, 2:18:55 PM

Today I became aware of the web site:
“Arthur C Clarke Center For Human Imagination”

All in all I have read just over 500 science fiction books.

My favorite author was Arthur C. Clarke. Now he is Sir Arthur C. Clarke. He has also written some nonfiction books. The first book I read by him was “Profiles of the Future”. I read this nonfiction book in 1965. Then I started reading all science fiction by him I could lay my hands on.

In the web site, I found the article:

“New Profiles of the Future”

—inspired by Sir Arthur C. Clarke's seminal book Profiles of the Future—

Therein also “post-pandemic futures”.

#science #sifi