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Stanley "Krusty" Johnson

Dan (NTO Founder~Green Needle)Nov 6, 2019, 3:32:22 PM

Boris Johnson called climate protesters 'uncooperative Krusties'. But his deranged dad  'Stanley Johnson' supports government controlled opposition and fake protesters funded by George Soros "Extinction Rebellion"

Boris's father, Stanley Johnson has been writing books promoting depopulation for almost fifty years now; starting with 'Life without Birth: A Journey Through the Third World in Search of the Population Explosion' published all the way back in 1970.

He's also a former employee of the World Bank and the European Commission; two of the most prominent promoters of 'Carbon' taxation; which would increase the cost of both food and fuel, exponentially. Resolving, they hope, the 'population issue'.

Stanley was Head of Prevention of Pollution Division at the European Commission (1973 to 1979) and Conservative MEP for Wight and Hampshire East (1979 to 1984).

His first wife (Boris' mother) Charlotte Johnson Wahl "made her name as a professional portrait painter" for Crispin Tickell; the UN spook who first convinced Margret Thatcher to introduce the concept of CO2 driven 'climate change' into mainstream British politics in a speech she gave to the Royal Society, in September 1988.

Sir Crispin is a direct descendent of Thomas Henry Huxley (known as Darwin's bulldog), one of the first promoters of Darwinism and Eugenics (leading to Government sterilisation policies all over the world).

This is what 'climate change' and the 'environmental' policies of the ruling class are really about: depopulation, to maintain control over land and resources.

Stanley Johnson's works include...

The Green Revolution (1972)

The Population Problem (1973-4)

The Politics of Environment (1973)

Pollution Control Policy of the EEC (1978)

The Earth Summit: The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development UNCED [pronounced: 'un-said'] (1993)

World Population - Turning the Tide (1994)

The Environmental Policy of the European Communities (1995)

The Politics of Population: Cairo (1994)

World Population and the United Nations (1987)

World Population Turning the Tide (1994)

UNEP The First 40 Years; A Narrative by Stanley Johnson (United Nations Environment Programme) (2012).

Boris Johnson called climate protesters 'uncooperative crusties'. But his dad supports Extinction Rebellion

It’s been a turbulent few weeks for the Johnson family.

Just weeks after Boris Johnson became prime minister, his brother Jo Johnson resigned from government and as an MP, citing a difficulty to reconcile personal matters with the “national interest”.

Then, Johnson’s sister Rachel appeared to slap down his Brexit plans, suggesting he was being pressurised by people who stand to make money from a no-deal Brexit. She also branded comments he made in the House of Commons "reprehensible".

This time, the PM seems to be the one throwing jabs.

Speaking at the launch in London of the third volume of Margaret Thatcher’s biography by journalist Charles Moore, Johnson branded Extinction Rebellion climate protestors as “uncooperative crusties”.

He then said they should abandon their “hemp-smelling bivouacs” and stop blocking the streets of London.

A remark like this from a disgruntled Tory prime minister might not seem out of the ordinary, particularly from someone like Boris Johnson.

But there’s just one problem

Johnson’s dad, Stanley Johnson, seems to be a supporter of Extinction Rebellion. He’s worn the Extinction Rebellion badge and has photographed himself next to their protests.

Neither of the men have commented on their apparent differences on this issue, but we’re sure it won’t be long before this family tension rears its head.