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Movie Reviews: Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018)

KestrelStudiosSep 26, 2018, 9:29:09 PM

Mission Impossible: Fallout is as a 2018 action spy film directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Packed with an all-star cast, it stars Tom Cruise along with Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Angela Basset, Alec Baldwiin, Michelle Monaghan, and Sean Harris.

The film focuses on the efforts of Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team as they try to recover plutonium after a botched double-cross during a black market plutonium purchase. Their efforts are impeded by the villains of the last film who have reorganized themselves into the terrorist organization called "the Apostles." They want to blow shit up! But Cruise is going to stop them!

Definitely one of the best action sequences in the film.

Throughout the film Cruise is being tailed by his CIA equivalent in the form of Henry Cavill. Due to the monstrous failure of failing to get the plutonium, the CIA has sent Cavill to monitor Cruise while at the same time ensuring the mission is completed.

But like all films, Cruise must undergo a personal journey. Why did Cruise fail to get the plutonium? Well, his friends were put in danger. And instead of going for the device that would kill millions of people, he went to save the life of his friend. What a terrible person you are, Tom Cruise! We're sending someone who would never do that in your place if you ever do that again!

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, rescuing his new love interest while Henry Cavill tries to cockblock. No way, Henry Cavill!

Positives and Negatives

Like nearly all Tom Cruise films, Cruise puts forth the effort to do all of his own stunts. Running over the gaps in buildings, hanging from helicopters, climbing up mountains, and so on. Cruise performs the stunts and does a good job adding to the suspense. Though I'm sure most are being done before a green screen, it's hard to tell which stunts are visual tricks and which ones are actually Cruise risking his neck.

Of note is the scene where Cruise chases a spy through Paris on foot, getting direction from Simon Pegg over his headset. Cruise finds himself three stories up while Pegg assumes he is on foot. This forces an interesting situation where Cruise must jump out windows and run on rooftops. Though somewhat ridiculous, it is played seriously and creates an interesting blend of humor and action. Especially when Cruise jumps out of an office building only to run at least a hundred yards across the roof of one of Paris' old buildings at top speed.

Ving Rhames also has a first in the film. In prior Mission Impossibles Rhames rarely leaves the observation van. There is a running joke he doesn't move more than twenty feet in those films. However, in this film he gets quite a bit of foot time to help Cruise and the rest catch the bad guys. And guess what kind of situation that caused? You should've stayed in the van, Rhames!

It is not a perfect film. Though the action sequences are superb, there are numerous scenes specifically constructed to set up the goal and stakes of the following action sequences. It is done so brazenly that you can only laugh. In a matter of thirty seconds a new plan is constructed, stakes are placed, and any problems that may occur are sometimes solved with a neat gizmo. In normal spy films you get all these gizmos at the beginning of the film, but for some reason you get them right then and there.

Henry Cavill, Tom Cruise, Love Interest, Ving Rhames, and Simon Pegg.

Interesting Tidbits

This is the sixth film in the Mission Impossible film series. It is also the first film to feature a returning director, Christopher McQuarrie, who also directed its predecessor, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Unlike the other films in the series, it is also the first film to continue a storyline from a previous film.

You may have heard of this film in relation to the Justice League movie. Actor Henry Cavill, who played Superman, was asked to return to the Justice League set for reshoots. Refusing to shave the mustache he grew for Mission Impossible: Fallout, animators were forced to digitally remove the mustache and replace it with a CGI upper lip. This turned out rather badly in the final product, only adding to the negative hilarity of an already bad film.

Ah. Mustache country.

The Final Verdict

I went to the theater on a whim to watch this movie, following the advice of Chris Stuckman and Jeremy Jahns. And back when I followed Patrick (H) Willems, I followed that advice, too. I wasn't too happy with the quality of story, and if you're looking for something stellar, you won't get it in this film; it's pretty run-of-the-mill. But the action sequences are good. Compared to the first Mission Impossible, it runs a close second, though I don't think they'll ever beat the 'hanging from the ceiling' scene.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars, docking for story and some of the silly action scene set up. But I give this as a recommendation because when the action starts going it draws you in. Well worth the money.

Please enjoy the trailer!

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