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I Love Procrastinating!

KaylinartFeb 14, 2019, 12:03:06 AM

We are always looking for excuses to not to do what we are supposed to. It's almost like self-sabotage. It's really sad when you are stressed out later because you didn't get everything is done. When we could have quickly got it all done with our time.

# Lack Of Motivation #

We are often unmotivated waiting for the next fix to get ourselves going. This behavior can be dangerous. Motivation is not an unlimited resource. It's something we use up throughout the day. Just because we cannot see or touch it, does not mean it's not there or can't run out. Whenever we make a decision, we use up some of our motivation. This makes it harder to be decisive later on and get things done.

# Perfectionism #

We often don't want to start something, because we are worried we can't do it entirely. I'm guilty of this all the time; I don't want to start drawing unless I can finish it. But sometimes I have a perfect window of 10 minutes, that will allow me to get most of it done. Instead, I waste that 10 minutes when I could've done a relatively decent amount of the drawing. Perfectionism causes us not to start, we often think that being a perfectionist is a good thing, but a terrible thing and it can inhibit us from accomplishing our goals because things will never be perfect. Next time you want something to be perfect, stop right there and move onto the next task. Many of our requirements for the day, involve us just doing some tasks imperfectly. Most things don't have to be perfect or close to perfect.

# Easier Tasks #

We often procrastinate because watching TV or playing on the phone is more comfortable than the task we have in front of us. Sometimes the tasks we give ourselves are way more complicated than they have to be. Breaking them down into smaller steps will allow us to do those tasks immediately. And make them seem less intimidating.

# Not Sure How To Start #

When we see our to-do list, we are often so overwhelmed we aren't sure where to start. The reality is we just need to get started on anything. That will kickstart the rest of our progress. We often have the all or nothing mentality. We either do all of our to-do list or none of it. Most of the time we do none of it. This is on the reason breaking it down into small steps can help us get things done. It allows things to appear more relaxed.

Procrastination doesn't mean that we are lazy. It often means we are struggling with something else. Sometimes that thing is a lot easier than we would expect. We just need to figure out how to overcome the obstacle.