Outreach Advocacy of Kekistan Nation who help bold freedom, individual rights, accurate history, heritage and unique culture. We also focus on many topics, like new ideas, quality of life and humor. Other focus areas include New Society Trends, Positive Ideas, Law, Culture, Study of Logic, Humor, Communications, Creative Efforts, Art, Music, Technology, Engineering, Start Ups, Advocacy of Freedom, and Research thereof. Please send a tip if you like our efforts. Freedom Priority: We support true bold freedom. We also support the freedom such as indicated within the developing Kekistan Constitution; and U.S.A. Constitution and by the Free Citizens (True 4th Branch) of U.S.A.; and within the United Kingdom (U.K.)'s Magna Carta Libertatum, the Bill of Rights 1689, the Human Rights Act of 1998; and within the Scotland Acts 1998 & 2016; and within the Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation; and within the developing Hong Kong's articles of self determination declarations. Email: [email protected] This is our MINDS Channel, but other sites and platforms are available from KEK Freedom Heritage; and we work on variety of subjects

Firearms Instructor. Right Wing Guy. Video Game Fan since '79! Prefers Sig Sauers over all others. Not on Gab much anymore. I get bored easily so I post a LOT of memes. #KEK #MAGA #KAG #DITTOHEAD Lifetime Member of: The American Warrior Society, CCRKBA, Georgia Carry, Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation. Annual Member of: Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, Firearms Policy Coalition, Judicial Watch and The Personal Defense Network. Proud Member of Rush 24/7! Until the NRA gets rid of LaPierre and the rest of the corrupt Board DO NOT JOIN THE NRA...CANCEL your Membership...DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. Under their leadership, the NRA has become a money making scheme for themselves and their families. The NRA now means (N)ot (R)eal (A)ctivists. If you live in Georgia then you need to know that the group, Georgia Gun Owners, is a fake group. They take money and members away from groups that actually fight for 2A Rights. They also claim other groups' 2A victories as their own while spreading lies about them. Much like the way the NRA is now, GGO is a money making scheme for its owner. They have done NOTHING in the fight for the 2A. They have only attacked other 2A groups and hurt our cause. Do not join them, support them or give them your hard earned money!

I STAND AS A BEACON FOR FREEDOM I BELIEVE... In the founding ideals and principles of America. In the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution & the Bill of Rights we were given a strong Foundation to build a more perfect union. Today we have built that union. Flaws still exist but we must never destroy that foundation. Instead we must work together to make it better, stronger and build it up for future generations. For without that Foundation our individual rights, freedoms and privileges all Americans share will crumble to dust. UTOPIA IS A MYTH! SOCIALISM WILL NEVER WORK So many seek utopian societies that simply can not exist. These ideals are unattainable and only lead to destruction. We need only to reflect upon history and the tole such dreams have taken. These beliefs still wreak havoc across the world today. As those who were sold paradise found themselves in hell. In which hopes of equality and social justice are met with the reality true equal outcomes. That all must starve, suffer, give all and get nothing as those few in power for whom they put their trust in live richly at their expense. The true equality is that everyone has nothing and those who dare to speak out disapear. Voices are silenced, rights no longer exist as the cries for social justice slowly erroded each descenting voice. Now that voice is theirs. No one is free. Freedom becomes a fading concept a unattainable dream. A dream that so many had yet fought so hard against. There is no perfect society yet this cycle persists. We must not allow delusions of eden to corrupt us. REALITY IS SHADES OF GRAY These ideals of perfection manifest at both ends of the political spectrum and in extremism of many forms throughout the world. None of them are the answer. Nothing is ever black and white. Therefore extremism of any kind must be addressed by dismantling their impossible promises with truth and attainable solutions. TALK TO EACH OTHER We must never silence or shut down those with whom we disagree instead debate them. In turn we learn from one another and often find that we have far more in common than not. This breaks barriers and allows real change. You’ll find most people are centrist yet find themselves having to pick a team. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY Think for yourself, respect others and always be willing to listen. Don’t blame others for your problems or expect them or the government to solve them. Always be kind and thankful for what you have. Give back and support one another. WE ARE NOT LABELS! Every person is different. Stop putting yourself in a box based on things none of us control. And stop putting others in boxes too. Judge people by who they are as a person here and now. Nothing else. Labels are nothing but lies used to divide us. PROTECT EVERYONES RIGHTS: Never give up your rights or allow them to be taken from those of whom you disagree, today it maybe their rights lost but be sure tomorrow yours will follow. NEXT TIME YOU WANT A NEW LAW: Think ‘would I want this imposed upon myself’ before you demand such actions, because chances are the answer is ‘no’, yet the outcome if you get your way will in turn be ‘yes’. UNITED WE STAND ~ DIVIDED WE FALL

The Observer is the Observed Passionate about all things plants. Polyculture, Herbalism, Plant Law, Garden Stone and Rockery A garden by a windy cliff #herbalism #garden #wildflower #secretgarden #isleoflewis #hebrides #permaculture #deepecology #environmental #ecology #regeneration #nature #spirit #beauty # Deep Ecology: An awareness of the oneness and interconnection of all life and its cycles of change and transformation.

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Politics & Art Libertarian Minarchist Consitution Originalist Against the Alt Right Against Antifa When Trump does good, I praise him. When he does bad, I critisize him. Joined April 6th 2018

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