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Thoughts On The Brain And The Mind

JungleOnionNov 30, 2018, 6:01:06 AM

Your brain contains more than 100 billion nerve cells forming around a quadrillion connections called synapses. These connections are in constant dynamic state of remodeling in response to the world, it simulates and creates it based in electrical impulses of data that are decoded.Everything you see, hear, touch, smell, is what it is thanks to your brain. Whatever is that you are experiencing today is specifically customized solwly for you. The brain is undoubtly one of the most interesting and intriguin parts of our body. Is the motherboard of our system. The core of our mind and conciousness. Our modern lives wouldn’t be possible without our functional and rational brain. But life could be more efficient if we could learn how to unleash the hidden powers of our mind and brain. We tend to think that the average person can’t become a talented artist, musician, writer, etc. because we tend to see talent and skills as something reserved to those who were botn with that talent. But the purpose of this post ia to show you how you can discover the possibilities you have in your mind to change your life and improve your health and happiness.

There’s a popular saying that humans use only 10% of their brain’s capacity, but in reality, this statement is not literally true. The brain’s neural networks operate at full capacity all the time. There’s no difference between Einstein’s brain and yours in regards to brain activity. There’s no magical number of a surplus of neurons or a special part in your brain that can make you a prodigy anf makrs your live more vital, inspiring and successful. Is more complicated than that and we should first dedicate some time go understand how the surroundings are crucial to understand brain development.

It’s now known that the brain can form new axons and dentrites up to the last years of life. This means that we might actually be able to figure out how to prevent senility and preserve our mental capacity to the fullest thanks to advancesin neuroplasticity and experiments around how to rewire our brains. This neuroplasticity happens at some degree at some point in our lives. We can think of a child in school. First, the child attempts to keep up with other children. He or she is feeling motivated. If these efforts fail, he or she would feel discouraged because the methods he uses to attract people are not working. He will keep trying until he succeed getting attention, even if it’s negative attention. This can be aggressive but at the end the child realizes he or she is still failing. This impacts the psyche of the child so this negative experience im life can prevent him from development usual skills. This prevents the kid to unleash his brain to the full potential in the future. This situation happe s to us not only in our childhood but everyday in our lives. We have the chance to change our lives everyday.

How the mind relates to the brain

A brain process always involves feedback loops. These feedback loops are intelligent and adaptable. This favors dynamic interactions that seek balance in the long term (homeostasis). We use our brains to evolve and developsp self reflection can push ua forward into unknown territory. Many diverse areas of the brain are coordinated simultaneously so we have the capacity to monitor levels of awareness, even though our focus could be specified in one level. The brain then, definitely has a difference with the mind. The brain will explain us all the mechanical aspects of it, but the mind explains us the origins of conciousness and therefore can “unlock” the brain.

Understanding the physical brain

Brains, in fact, bodies are feedback loops. A feedback loop os essentially how the cells in your body for example, talk to evert other anr listens to the answer it receives by replying an action. The brain sends information to the heart, and if the message is exciting, scary, happy, in can make the heart beat faster. For this, the brain needs to send a countermessage telling the heart to slow down again. If this feedback loop breaks, the heart wouldn’t react to the “slow down” message amd keep pumping blood fast and things could get ugly. Adrenal glands are responsible to send this message. So if adrenals wear down, anyone could scare you and simply give you a heart attack. With such poasibilites, one can really think more about feedback loops in our body. There’s this thing called a biofeedback machine that can be hooked up to a person’s brain. Once hooked up, the person can quickly learn to control bodily mechanisms that usually run on automatic. Lowering your blood pressure, your heart rate, or change the wave patterns in your brain.

But the brain is not the Mind, not even the memory. There’s no physical trace in brain cells that shows any presence of memory in them. For example, most people can only recall seven digits at once, but there was this young Indian math prodigy that was able to multiply two thirty two digits long numbers? Is not that she’s super intelligent and has a gift. She trained her brain to do what she did using her mind. Her mind is so powerful, that a limitation for most people, is nothing for her. The brain has the potential that the minds allows it to have.The minute you say “my memory isn’t good”, “I’m not good with numbers”, you are training your brain to live up to diminished expectations. Low expectations mean low results. As your brain listens, it learns. If you teach it limitations, it will be limited. But what if you would do the opposite?

Neuroplasticity ia the action of remapping brain cell connections. It was thought that our neural networks were hardwired since we were kids but the projections of nerve cells in the brain continually reconfigure themselves in response to experiences and surroundings. So exposing yourself to new experiences can help you create a different mindset everyday thay helps and encourages your brain growth. Neuroplasticity is not mind over matter. It’s mind turning into matter as your thoughts create new neural growth. The key to a more healthy and happy life, resides in the changes we do in our physical brain, directly influenced by our mindset. We can reshape our brains to work more efficiently for us. This is a never ending learning experience as we all have the ability to rewire our brains through improvement and self development.