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PARQ Token - A Green, Smart and Connected City Platform

JungleOnionDec 8, 2018, 5:05:33 AM

No matter where you live, I’m pretty sure you have experienced one of the many downsides of living in a city: Traffic. There’s many repercussions to it like compromising breakfast because of needing to leave home early, or getting late to work. The severity of the issue could vary from city to city, but more often than not, you will definitely experience parking problems. Researchers have found that the average citizen in the U.K spends an average of 44 hours per year figuring where to park.

Lets not talk about all the time wasted in traffic because that number is even worse. In the US, the average time spent is 17 hours per driver per year. Do you want to know how much that represents in money annually? 72.7 billion dollars! These hours spent can radically increase depending on the city or state and there’s not only economical problems, there’s problems like stress, anger and a cost of opportunity involved in traffic and parking problems.

Is there a solution to this loss of time, money and health?

Parksen is a company that aims to fix this problems with a green, smart and connected city platform. Parksen already has a parking application and through the PARQ Token blockchain solution there will be innovative features included like real time information on traffic, congestion and a guidance system to help you find the best, closest and most affordable parking.

What is PARQ?

Is an ecosystem that benefits drivers in busy cities. Through the integration of smart devices and IoT, drivers will be able to identify traffic congestion and parking availability. Parking spot owners will also benefit as they can manage available parking spots through the platform, take advantage of analytics and insights to maximise usage and profits from these parking spots. Anyone that owns a parking spot can offer it to drivers through the platform.

Parking app providers are also welcome to adopt the protocol and customise the current Parksen app to fit their needs. Providers of software and hardware will be encouraged to modernized and innovate through PARQ’s truly green and smart solution. Developers make a fundamental layer in this platform, and they are encouraged as well to contribute and integrate the ecosystem in a decentralized manner.

How will this be achieved?

Through the PARQ token. This token will serve as a payment method within the Parksen app to interact with smart contracts to facilitate interactions with the products and services offered by Parksen. PARQ is an ERC20 utility token without inflation because it has a max supply of 1 billion tokens.

Parksen is collaborating with IOTA, a feeless distributed ledger powered by the Tangle, that stores transactions entangled together making it scalable and more robust than a conventional blockchain.

The platform is ready and currently with a working app in Amsterdam, where the project will be developed. However, the company’s expansion plans focus on english speaking countries like United States and the United Kingdom. Also having the Russian and Asian markets in mind for long term growth.

Token Sale details

For detailed information about the token sale event you can visit the PARQ website https://www.parqtoken.com/ ANN in bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4215740.0 or the whitepaper https://www.parqtoken.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Whitepaper_PARQ.pdf which has the most extensive information available.

There’s a pre-sale going on where there’s only going to be 50 million tokens sold at a price of $0.07. That represents a 30% discount from the base price of $0.10 per token. During the public sale there will be 200 million tokens sold at a price of $0.08 per token representing a 20% discount. There’s a specific allocation structure with various purposes such as, a charity fund, bounties, airdrop, business development, team, etc.

There’s also a buyback program that will be implemented by the company to repurchase tokens with 10% from it’s yearly profits to reduce token circulation and increase the value to the remaining tokens in the market.


The Parksen blockchain solution innovates the parking industry by giving it a 360 shift from current models and systems and welcomes everyone to be part of a growing community and thriving ecosystem. This project benefits most urban cities that would like to implement the ecosystem in their infrastructure. Blockchain as we know it, is shifting economies as we speak, and Parksen is doing it in a green, sustainable and smart approach.

Join the community here: https://t.me/parqtoken

Visit their website here: https://www.parqtoken.com/

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