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Law of Moses — Love your Neighbour

JudeoChristianJul 20, 2019, 6:14:14 PM

Law of Moses — Love Your Neighbour

In our secular society the question is, “Does the Bible have any place in your life?” And as Christians we might answer a resounding, “Yes.” However, ask many Christians, “Does the law of Moses have any place in your life?” and you might get a different answer. Both Paul and Peter warned of false teachers who would deny their master, Jesus Christ. Using clever arguments they would deceive people while promising them freedom from the law. And this is the reality in many Christian churches. Yet, doesn’t Christ himself say we are to live by every word of God? The law of Moses — the torah, first five books of the Bible — is a part of that “word.” So, what is it’s value?

Why Remember the Law of Moses?

Malachi gave a message as a forewarning before Christ’s coming. It was a command to remember the law of Moses. This message is repeated again by the apostle John, 60 years after Christ’s crucifixion. He wrote to the brethren about the “old commandment” that was from the beginning. This great commandment of the law of Moses — love your neighbour, was from the beginning in Genesis. Later it was codified in the book of Leviticus, as part of the national covenant. Jesus, James, and Paul all referred reverently to this “royal law of love.”

But what is “Love,” according to the Scriptures?

There is a “fake love” that is just feeling. But God wants his children to experience his love, “agape” love. This can only be appreciated fully by those who obey his commandments. To truly have this kind of love for neighbour we need to know God’s expectations. The law of Moses — love your neighbour, are inseparable concepts. We cannot love the stranger, or the poor, without knowing God’s commands about how to treat them. Do you know God’s advice about “gleaning” or “collateral loans” or “wages?” These commands are found in the law of Moses. So do you know the law of Moses? It is vital if you are to love your neighbour as yourself. Worshipping God in sincerity and truth results when we are living by every word of God? That includes the Law of Moses. Are you missing out, on an important part of your spiritual growth?

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