Hey, guys my name is JonnyZKing 😊 I am an artist/musician that posts music videos on Youtube and Soundcloud. I work hard 💪 on my music but I can still improve. Keep in mind I don't have many tools to make good quality music. I also do graphic desings for channels (logos). Wall of fame @delastman @DavidBolha @ChristopherRobbins1985 Help me achieve my dream by subscribing to me on Youtube: Soundcloud: Twitter: Discord
location_onQuebec, Canada
🚨 New song alert 🚨 This is my arrangement of an Ichika Nito sample I've been working on it for a while making sure the quality is as good as it can be. The synths were really hard to do! This is going to be the last big song release of the year. I just wanted to thank everyone for the big support this year! I've made big progress in music production and it's really been amazing. Yall don't need to worry about next year because, even more, awesome projects are coming!
April 11th my latest single "Conquest" will come out so get ready!! It'll be out on Soundcloud AND YouTube (link in bio)
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