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Marlon Brando refuses Oscar in protest of Liberal Racism (1973) In light of the fake news assault on the upstanding kids of Covington Catholic, this Sunday we take a look back almost 50 years to a time when Hollywood was oops exactly the same - you know, super racist. Brando declined the 1973 Oscar for Best Actor (The Godfather) out of displeasure for the way Hollywood Liberals portrayed Native Americans (and other groups) as two-dimensional stereotypes. He asked young Apache woman Sacheen Littlefeather to deliver his refusal at the Academy Awards (for exposure) - and she was promptly booed off stage by the racist leftists. Following the debacle, Brando gave an hour interview on The Dick Cavett Show (, parts of which are included here. Marlon Brando was always someone who thought for himself and saw the world at is was - ... the kind of place where liberals entrap a group of vacationing high school students and use minority groups as game pieces to drive a fictional narrative.
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