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It's Time to Drive Every Leftist Into the Sea

JohnMurdockJan 24, 2019, 6:31:42 AM

I honestly don't have any interest in debate with the white left anymore because the left and the right are diametrically opposed ideologically and our differences are irreconcilable. Talking has become a waste of time because leftists are irrational and refuse to accept facts and evidence; they're firmly rooted in the fantasy world they've created for themselves and for those who are still trapped in it, it's impossible to drag them back to reality.

Unfortunately, it's time for us white people on the right to come to the realization that the remaining white leftists are lost souls and accept the fact that there is no hope for them. If there ever was any hope for them then they would have abandoned their leftist beliefs months ago. This argument is based on the sheer amount of facts and information that have been discovered and disseminated by the white right regarding the white genocide campaign, the European Union, the European migrant crisis, illegal immigration in general, and the rise of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Non-whites, of course, have their own interests and agendas that, because of biological imperative, naturally conflict with our own and there never was any point in debating them at all. It's futile to try to convince the other races that they should help our race grow and prosper to the detriment of their own. We're all locked in a constant struggle for land, housing, and resources. This is the way it has always been and it will never change because physical reality is immutable. The law of conservation of mass and the first law of thermodynamics both prevent us from pulling land and resources out of thin air. So, competition is inevitable.

Marxists attempt to make the argument that there's "enough for everyone" and that profit is theft, but this claim is very easily dismissed. All land and resources are finite and when a communist government forcibly confiscates land and resources so that it can redistribute it as it sees fit, it takes away the freedom of individuals to pursue their own goals and, in effect, relegates everyone below the highest party members to working for food and shelter, regardless of their abilities. This is unacceptable. Working for food so that the ruling communist party can remain in power doesn't constitute a fulfilling existence.

Some, like me, have been rescued from the fantasy world of the left but only because our leftist brainwashing wasn't strong enough to overcome our ability to distinguish truth and reality from lies and propaganda. The only thing I'd like to do to leftists at this point is drive them all into the sea. We on the right can do that metaphorically through peaceful means and that is going to be our primary goal in the coming years. We'll be working to hurt them, both politically and economically, just as our left leaning governments, fake news media, and so many left-wing activists have been doing to us. Cheers.