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A Meme Intervention

JohnMurdockOct 31, 2018, 10:20:17 PM

When I first heard that the left couldn't meme, I was skeptical. I initially believed that this sentiment was exaggerated and simply rooted in a pro-right-wing bias. I didn't believe that they, or anyone, could be that bad at making memes. Of course, up to that point - I'm guessing it was probably almost a year ago now - I had only been treated with the masterfully executed memes of the right.

However, at some point, I actually started seeing these widely ridiculed leftist memes that I had been hearing so much about. My initial thought was that my first sampling of the memes in question wasn't representative of all leftist-crafted memes in general and that it was impossible to form a definite opinion from such a small number of specimens. I needed more data and so, I waited for it. Weeks passed and in that time I had exposed myself, with great disgust, bewilderment and disappointment, to over a hundred left-leaning memes.

The sad truth, my friends, is that the left most certainly can not meme. Where there were once doubts by some members of the right about this assertion, there is now only certainty and a demoralized dread of stumbling upon these abominations of failed humor and commentary. It should be extremely clear now - to everyone except the left - why the NPC meme is so befitting of leftist behaviors and personality traits.

The creation of memes - good memes - requires, at minimum, independent thought and creativity. Confidence, a refusal to self-censor, and a well-developed sense of humor are also useful for anyone who wishes to craft their own memes. None of these traits are present in anyone who plugs themselves into the legacy media to receive their daily programming update.

One can only break free from the shackles of mind control when there is a willingness and an effort to expose oneself to new ideas and viewpoints that contradict the dogma of the ruling elite. Nobody can be forced to take the red pill; truth will only be granted to those who willingly accept it. I learned this for myself in September 2015. I'm glad I did because, otherwise, today I'd be doomed to finding myself among the millions of leftists for whom the creation of memes is a complete mystery.

I was browsing on Minds earlier today when I came across a meme that put me over the edge. I had always been willing to simply ignore horrible memes from the left and withhold my comments about them. But, the stress has been building for the past couple of months and I finally decided to try to talk some sense into a leftist who couldn't meme to save his own life. My comment to him is down below and it was a reply to the meme that made me realize that an intervention was necessary.


(name deleted) I don't know why you keep trying to meme. Your horrible attempts at memes just serve to discredit you by evincing your lack of even a vestige of a sense of humor and showing everyone how dumb you are. The left can't meme! It's the forte of the right which we use to great effect in tandem with an almost innate grasp of logical fact-based argumentation and debate. Watching you clumsily fumble at every single one of your awkward attempts at cobbling together a viable meme is like watching a drunk stand-up comedian bomb in front of thousands of people. You're not just embarrassing yourself, you're making other people feel embarrassed FOR you. Stop it! You and, indeed, all leftists need to take a timeout to find a form of nonviolent expression that you can all actually grasp and wield with the same level of skill and confidence with which the right wields memes. Until then, you're all just going to keep embarrassing yourselves.