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The Moslem Strategy of Using Leftists as Allies is Powerful

Jihad CountermeasuresApr 5, 2019, 5:15:08 AM

πŸ₯“ We must destroy and reverse the Leftist/moslem alliance. We cannot win if both the Left and the moslems are against us. Therefore, we must create and implement strategies that will turn the democrats/Marxists against the moslems or vice versa. Put your thinking caps on and find ways to turn these 2 groups against each other. Here is an example: Find and post every truthful story that you can find about moslems attacking any part of the LGBTX community. 2nd Example: Find every truthful story about muslims abusing animals and post it. 3rd Example: Post all accurate News stories about how the Moslems are attacking and killing Jews. 4th Example: Post accurate stories about how cruel that moslems are to animals. 5th Example: Post accurate stories about how moslems mutilate, rape, and kill women for Moohamhead`s laws. I know that this will work to some degree because I know of some Leftists that have swung towards rejecting moslems in a strong way after they were exposed to what moslems did to them or their friends. 

I await your ideas.

#expelallmoslems before it becomes #killallmoslems.