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Some Thoughts On What the Word "Muslim" Means. (3 Min Read)

Jihad CountermeasuresNov 29, 2018, 4:57:01 AM

A Muslim is a person that says that they aspire to believe in an imaginary person called Muhammad and emulate this imaginary person as much as they can. The ideas about "Muhammad" come from various stories from the distant past. It is irrelevant whether or not the character, "Muhammad", ever lived because "Muslims" believe in "Muhammad" anyway.

Well defined characteristics of "Muhammad" are, terrorist, woman beater, deceiver, thief, militant, hostile, cruel, rapist, polysexual, kidnapper, enslaver, non-Muslim and non-Muslim government destroyer, and mass murderer. All of these characteristics can be found by reading the unholy Qur`an, hadiths, & siras. These Muhammadan behaviors can be consistently observed in every Muslim majority country; there are currently about 53 of them.

You will hear many people say that not all Muslims are the same, but think about this:  First, the "Muslim" is already saying that they are a deceiver, and you don`t know if what they tell is true or not. Next, they are at least telling you that they want to be a very evil person. So, why would anyone want to allow a "Muslim" to live on the same planet as themselves?  There are some reasons that I can think of. One, is a lack of belief in what a Muslim is because they are uneducated about the facts surrounding Muhammad and the definition of a "Muslim". The second is that they are a Muslim. A third is that they support Muslims for money, positions of power, or assets. A fourth is because they are deceived.

As a Muslim, emulating Muhammad is not mental illness. As a non-Muslim, it is a mental illness. So, you can see why judges, police, politicians, and many other people will allow a Muslim to be free to exercise their beliefs against the non-Muslim with little punishment in many cases.

There is another definition of a Muslim which I see as false. This is the definition that a baby can be born into our world as a Muslim. I disagree, because it takes several years to adapt the beliefs of any type of traditional theocracy, cult, religion, ideology, mythology, creed, etc. It is typically the parents, school teachers, and traditional religious centers that transfer the beliefs into a child`s mind. So, before arguing about "Muslims" a common ground must be determined about the definition of a "Muslim".

I invite any input on this blog so that I may consider it and use it to modify this blog if appropriate.

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