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Muslim Censor Gangs on Social Media

Jihad CountermeasuresJun 17, 2019, 8:12:58 AM

πŸ₯“ There are squads of muslims that mass flag or report anti-muslim content on social media. I suggest that each of us spend at least 5 mins a day identifying the lying muslims that post on social media and report and flag them. I do this already myself. It is not hard to find plenty of lies and deception by muslims on social media. Shut their channels down, because their lies work against us. Report and flag as many muslims and muslim helpers as you can when they lie and deceive on social media. Let me know if you spot one of them and I will look at their post too. On Minds, BLOCK all muslims and muslim helpers so that our enemies will have less leverage against us. We do not have the time to argue with hard heads when we can be making reasonable users become aware of the jihad.