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Islam Learned in Medina 1400 Years Ago that its Greatest War Strategy against the Non-Muslim is the Illusion of Victim-hood.

Jihad CountermeasuresMar 4, 2019, 2:37:37 PM

The Muslim goal is to replace all non-Muslims and they had learned 1400 years ago that appearing as victims is extremely effective in winning these replacement wars against the non-Muslims. Appearing as "victims" by faking attacks on themselves, they get allies (other non-Muslims) to join the jihad and to deceive or attack non-Muslims. So, they deceive the non-Muslim governments into believing that they are victims instead of what they really are, perpetrators. More recent examples of this Muslim strategy are the Bosnian war, Western Europe`s continuing loss to Islam, the US congressmen defending the Muslims in China, and the Muslim assault of Burma. In Burma, look how US Secretary of State Pompeo has been fooled into believing that muslims are victims instead of what they really are, perpetrators. So, Pompeo is foolishly helping the muslims by sanctioning Burmese military personnel. Do you think that Trump is not in on this? Here is a story on the muslim directed deception by Minds user @KPR37  https://www.minds.com/kpr37/blog/a-disingenuous-claim-of-a-genocide-has-been-made-against-the-894814778113495040

#expelallmuslims before it becomes #killallmoslems.