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Bitcoin Website Mining Scam "btconline.io"

Jihad CountermeasuresNov 15, 2018, 6:03:05 AM

πŸ’₯ Hello team. I have finished an investigation of the bitcoin mining website "btconline.io".

My conclusion is that the site is a scam and I suggest that you avoid it.

Here is what I experienced: I signed up on their account last year and chose the "free account" option. I ran their program about 15 hours a day for 10 weeks. The entire time I was shown information about other peoples "payouts" and also my account balance growing. I was told on the site that if I request a payout after I accumulated .006 BTC I will receive the payout immediately and in some rare cases shortly afterwards. I requested a payout after about 2 months and have received nothing. Using other BTC mining websites I have always received my funds within 30 hours.

I believe that the shown payouts are fake, as well as the messages about new people signing up to their website. Perhaps someone receives payouts just to create the illusion that the website is not fake. In any case, I suggest avoiding it.

If I end up receiving my funds, I will post about it on Minds and retract my statement about not receiving funds from "btconline.io".