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πŸ₯“ "AirBnB" is an Official moslem Supporter. Here is a Way to do Good.

Jihad CountermeasuresNov 17, 2019, 11:31:55 AM

I do not like AirBnB because they help the moslems, who are all enemies of all non-moslems and enemies of the U.S. republic. Next time you want to use AirBnB do this:  1) Pay for 1 day through AirBnB.  2) Contact the host and make sure that the host has available all days that you plan to stay with them. 3) Meet the host personally when you arrive. 4) Negotiate a new contract that will save the host  about 15% and you about 15% by not using AirBnB for the rest of your stay. 5) Be happy that you just saved yourself and your host about 15% and AirBnB got screwed out of the commission. #expelallmoslems before it becomes #killallmoslems.