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Writer, Artist ... Probably a human being. Currently shopping for an agent/publisher to get my first two books of my science fiction series published. Got any leads? 1st book's teaser: "A boy dreaming of exploration, Baer D’Alene was snared by birth’s fate and trapped behind the oceanic walls of a floating scientific city called Heaven’s Gate — Earth’s only space elevator. In this golden cage, and beacon of global hope, Baer walks unnoticed amidst tunnel-visioned scientists whose only desire is to save the world, and themselves. Fourteen and feeling ‘bubble-wrapped’ by the privilege of his old father, he is unable to see the outside world descending into a cataclysmic political, philosophical, and scientific struggle for primacy. When Baer’s naive curiosity pulls his four childhood friends into a dystopian conspiracy, the ensuing whirlwind of secrets and sacrifice rips away his unappreciated privileges. Inexperienced, unqualified, and untested Baer is thrown into the hands of a black-ops team, whose Amazonian operative begrudgingly marshals him through a coup. Unwittingly entangled in the destiny of a nebulous project called ReGenesis, he must fight for a place on humanity’s last life raft. But with his dreams of exploration turning to nightmares, can Baer prove to both a black-ops team and himself that he is worth saving?"
Finished #editing my second #scifi #book, so now that I'm ready to actively look for an #agent or #publisher, I threw together my #writer's #website:
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#Nature truly is the source of the best designs.
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