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JacobLiam717Jun 5, 2019, 7:17:18 PM

It is a complete social network, where you can buy all you need and earn money doing that after each purchase you get cash back and your friend can see your receipt in the feed. More you get a kickback from all their purchase in the same shop. Customers can buy buys a product or order a service on SESSIA, the receipt is automatically sent to the feed where it is seen by all the customers and their friend. The SESSIA platform is one of the greatest things that will ever happen to merchants.

Project description:

SESSIA will allow realizing the concept of the decentralized project. It is a unique solution to all the problems. Thanks to which entrepreneurs will finally have direct access to their customers and will be able to encourage them for every purchase.

PROS and advantages of SESSIA :

Free innovative blockchain based software

Lower advertising expenses

Loyal audience growth that stimulates client

Convenient marketplace integrated into social media

People can choose the stores good and service they like.

Its Arsenal there is a huge number of tools for both

The blockchain is our bright future. It can easily keep track of all current processes. SESSIA allows you to control the security and transparency of all transaction as well as the publically available at the same time anywhere in the world. It is convenient practical and the most importantly affordable. Its advantage is the development team decided why not uses all these qualities in the retail market. While excluding all third parties that used to be a link between the brand's entrepreneurs and their customers so the idea of SESSIA was born.

Sessia allows consumers to interact directly with any retail stores both online and offline and regardless of their geographic location through its platform. The brands will able to encourage their customers personally for each purchase and charging them small cash back automatically. This model of interaction between the seller and the buyer as much as possible stimulates to buy exactly the product that allows you to receive in return some additional value that is cash back.

Related problems:

The dynamic development of trading platforms on the internet this type of trading like any other has its problem. The struggle for each customer the stores whether online or offline use all sorts of discount systems or cash back that is gaining popularity. Not everyone can completely build a market system in connection with which it brings more minuses than advantages. Some sellers or stores use the services of specialized companies to attract customers, their task is to provide reliable and high-quality customers flow for a fee.

The activities of such an organization are the same but sometimes it is not good enough. The reason is that a special system was developed designed to eliminate intermediaries between the seller and the buyer, be it online or offline store.


SESSIA is an excellent system for the interaction of the seller and the buyer. Thanks to her that each participant in the process receives their benefits. The seller profits for the goods and the buyers the desired things with additional bonuses.

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Website Link : https://sessia.com

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