Biography Born in Romania 1973, Alexandra Jicol is an artist who has exhibited in Europe and the U.S. over 30 years. Her work appears in major private collections throughout the world and has received praise and acclaim by scholars on both side of the Atlantic. PRIVATE COLLECTIONS Belgium Italy Brasil France French Polynesia Germany Holland Martinique Romania South Africa UAE USA Israel Japan etc.. 1992: New interior, personal exhibition - Waregem, Belgium_ 1993-1994: sales near private collectors_ 1995: Stadhuis Oudeenarde, personal exhibition - Belgium_ 1995: Koninklijke Neerlandse Schouburg, personal Exibition Belgium_ 1998: Linaas, personal exhibition - France_ 1999: Gallery Martine Moissan, group exhibition Paris_ 2000: Gallery the Capital, group exhibition Paris_ 2002: Aude Minart, group exhibition - Paris_ 2002: Mov' Expo, group Exhibition , House of the Metal workers - Paris_ 2002: Group DDB, personal Exhibition Paris_ 2002: Club-Med French Polynesia, personal Exhibition - Bora-Bora_ 2002: Gallery Alain and Linda, permanent collective Exhibition Bora-Bora_ 2003: Gallery "ART Etoile" ST. Germain , group exhibition - Paris_ 2003: Official Selection "The Biennal Of Conteporary Art Of Florence "Italy december_ 2004: The City Hall Of first arr. group Exhibition- Paris / France_ 2005: Palos Verde's Rotary Club personal exhibition -USA_ 2005: BGH Gallery- Bergamot Station -LA / USA_ 2006: WINDERMERE & BIRD ART- group exhibition -LA/ USA 2006-2007: Larry Smith Fine Art –group exhibition –LA/USA 2007 "Laura M" group exhibition -Malibu USA 2008 : Casa Escobar group exhibition – Malibu USA 2008 Malibu Living Art Gallery-group exhibition-LA/USA 2009 " Ortolan / chef honour Christophe Eme" - Los Angeles - solo exhibition 2009 " Passerelle Des Arts" Gallery - group exhibition - Bordeaux -FRANCE 2010 "The Country House" -personal exhibition- Anzegem -BELGIUM 2011 Elder Street Gallery "Por Amor al Arte" - group exhibition - Huston, TX 2013 The international Community House / KOKOKA Kyoto Japan - group exhibition 2013 Art Project group Exhibition Kamigamo Shrine (上賀茂神社 Kamigamo Jinja Kyoto Japan 2014 Art Exhibition Kyoto Japan 2014 at TAMARIBA 2019 Solo Art Event " COLORS AND SENSES “ at 祇園 滝 GION TAKI ,Kyoto Japan 2019 Solo Art Exhibition, , titled: "Autour Du Monde, De La Source, De Retour A La Source" (Around The World From The Source Back To The Source”) Subtitled: “28 Art Project 2019” at "Noblesse Palace" Bucharest Romania
“To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books.” ― Manly P. Hall
Interviewiewing the artist Jicol by www.fusionarts.ro 1.Tell us something about your background. I was born and grown up in Bucharest, Romania, in a period of dictatorship and deprivation of basic liberties and human dignity.I spent half of my childhood in the mountains (a wild untamed little lady & tomboy, with my grandparents, cousins and brother), close to the nature and the earth: fishing, hiking endlessly in the deep forest, horseback ridding, watching the stars at night, learning about plants and trees, animals, while caring for them on my grandparents lands; and half of the time in Bucharest ( when I was not in vacations in the mountains), roaming the halls, studios, backstages, technical rooms etc .of the Romanian television where my mother was working. Such a contrast of worlds! Both worlds incited me to deeply observe the nature & and nature of mankind. A curiosity and exaltation that never left me. These memories still feed my inspiration even today. It was fascinating. “Observing always observing ‘ … observing and expressing myself”…, as I wrote in the end of my official Artist Statement. 2. How have you developed your career? What jobs have you done other than being an artist? I always painted, since I remember. It was an almost obsessional, physical and psychological need; without it I felt panicked, unbalanced, lost. Starting with these times when I was sitting with my grandfather ( who was an < unknown> multi talented artist and by times inventor), paintings in silence in winter times while sipping on tisanes made with medicinal plants that he gathered and prepared himself. He knew, understood almost everything only by observing and studying the world and all that surrounds us : self thought. I consider myself very lucky that I could take from nature ( the pure source of life), a closer approach to what reality means. That which is non corrupted and deformed. It was luck but also in discordance with the social ‘truth’, that never was one for me. I paid dearly for not accepting the social “order”, the man made one, so in unbalance ( I sensed), with the natural universal order. Still today… During the years I have been curious to learn everything that was coming my way: I studied many things related to human body & care, to people (to fascinating humans)… then I passed to more intellectual ones : Checked in "The Institute Of Theater Cours Florent" in Paris, where I have obtained the bourse called “ La Classe Libre”, and other additional creative institutes as IESA Paris etc., and more recently The Institute URASENKE of CHADO / TEA CEREMONY, Japan, Kyoto, and the study of many other Japanese Traditional Arts : SHODO, IAIDO, The Art Of Wearing the KYMONO , etc. In addition, I worked in very short timed and varied jobs (related to art or not), always with the aim to learn, get inspired and to rise funds for my future artistic projects. At no moment I did left my main goal from sight: to continue to create, to improve and to share my life time passion : ART. My official recognition as artist has started when I obtained a contract for art collaboration in Belgium ( cca 1991), with a Belgium Art Lover/ Collector, a member of a Group/Association of Art collectors. It has been my starting point professionally. Gratefully I dived excessively into 19 - 20 hours a day of creative work. For years I lived only for art with the aim of improving a gift that I was offered at birth. At a point I was producing over 150 paintings a year. 3. What does your work aim to say? I strive to create a new language that express things and unseen worlds, that words cannot portray. Parallel universes, things that our subconscient would perhaps recognize and translate regardless our age, country, culture, sexual orientation, beliefs, dogmas, color, and other tags that we humans are afflicted with. A language that perhaps transcend all limits. Quest which put me through an endless challenge. 4. Who are your biggest influences? What or who inspires in your career? My lifetime aim was exactly the opposite : to not rely on other artists, their techniques and what was created before me, is why I almost never follow what is trendy or what it “ sells”, but I rather try to experiment by myself , discovering new techniques, to go to the source : nature and people, and try to find the core ‘truth’, their ‘essence’. I’m considering myself a non commercial artist ( my artworks are released / sold to the public as only originals - artworks that I perceive as having, same as humans, a non duplicative soul). In a sense that I do not create with the the main aim to gain funds, riches and over recognition. I just want to rise enough funds to continue (as much as possible), a qualitative work and to touch genuinely the hearts of some; to leave perhaps something behind my humble “human” existence. I always feel an overwhelmed LOVE / energy, which I sense that I can transmit best (blended), through my creative endeavors . 5. Which current art world trends are you following? I do not follow trends, but let myself be inspired by new places, people ( behaviors, personalities… etc), and cultures. Enriched by my travels and thirst of true knowledge based on ( as much as possible), honesty and dedication. 6. What role does the artist have in society? From my perspective, the artist’s role is : To awake and keep alive the soul of mankind. Or as one day I wrote: "A Painter/ Artist is nothing more than a medium, a filter, through which 'the truth' strives to be delivered (materialized), to the collective consciousness. Art is certainly not about oneself, one's Ego and personal gratification; A true born artist is caught between understanding the responsibility of its task (its spiritual meaning),and the misconception of those who see it as just one another meaning to produce materialism." Alexandra Jicol Copyright © or as some will say too: ’ The main goal of ART is to connect one’s soul with the divine nature, not entertainment ‘ 7.What’s your favorite artwork? Mine or someone else’s ? Related to my Artwork: All of them have a meaning, a story, a precise time in my artistic and personal evolution. I embrace them all, regardless of their imperfections. Regardless if I perceive them as transitory or masterpieces. 8. Describe your practice. I’m always reticent of over cataloging myself; It give me the sense of building walls /limitations around myself, while in reality I try to tear down the ones that I already need to face almost every day... 9. What themes do you pursue? I instinctively been guided ( as I discovered later in life that in ancient art they did it as well), to seek and and try 'to express the biology of consciousness'. (Or even better explained below in my official Artist Statement). 10. What is your dream project? Perhaps 98% of the projects that I dreamed for, I realized them. I highly trust my vision and the right moment that a vision will show me the next step to take. My guide has always been : "my instinct". But if I must express it widely, I will say that my “dream project” is to be allowed ( by a fair physical health and material one), to continue my life time work. BIOGRAPHY: FR ~ NOTE DE L'ARTISTE ~ J'ai essayé dans mon travail de créer une indépendance picturale complète; Après des années d'intense création j'ai essayé de conserver ma relation physique et charnelle avec les couleurs, les formes et la texture. Une recherche constante et un sujet qui revient comme une obsession :"le regard", l'état humain. Comment définir des états d'esprit, des attitudes etc … par des couleurs et des formes assez simples ? Comment aller au plus profond creuser dans mon être et celui des autres ? Guéter, sentir, filtrer à travers moi pour le transferer sur une toile, papier ou autre support. Filtrer jusqu'au point d'avoir la pure essence de ce que j'ai capté, incarner une ame que "j'emprisonne" dans une oeuvre. "Emprisonner" voila un mot que j'emploie mais qui est l'opposé de ce que je veux exprimer ! Mes oeuvres debordent... et on a toujours l'impression qu'elles peuvent s'étendre à l'infini . "L'être humain" : voila le sujet le plus complexe le plus passionnant, une quête constante dans "la recherche de la vérité !(...) Depuis longtemps je cherche à enrichir mes projets d'autres champs (théâtre, écriture etc.), je les utilise, m'en imprègne, à chaque rencontre ils insufflent un souffle nouveau dans ma création.Cette soif d'expression, de générosité et de partage ont toujours été ma raison de vivre. Explorer, explorer toujours. Explorer et m'exprimer. copyright © Alexandra Jicol EN ~ ARTIST STATEMENT ~ « Through my work, I have tried to create complete pictorial independence. After years of intense work, I strive to capture in my work my physical, carnal relationship with colors, forms and textures. A constant subject of interest returns to me like an obsession: the human condition and how to define the states of mind and attitudes through colors and simple forms. How to to go deeper and probe into my being and that of others, observing, feeling, filtering through myself to transfer this on to a canvas, paper or other foundation. I continuously filter and refine until I have the pure essence of what I wish to capture, which is to translate the soul in a work of art. I want my work to overflow, and for the viewer to sense that it extends into the infinite. "The human being" - here is the most complex and most passionate subject, a constant search in the "research of the truth". For many years, I explored a classical approach to painting and while my current work appears divergent, these classical styles and skills constitute my starting point. I have gradually added other media, in the course of discovering a new world and integrating it into my work as a logical evolution. I have enriched my projects through other artistic fields (theater, writing music, etc), which I use and am inspired by. Each time they breathe another breath into my creation. This thirst of expression, generosity and sharing have always been my reason for living. Exploring, always exploring Exploring and expressing myself... copyright © Alexandra Jicol To understand me better, please read my below writings / thoughts too: I'm a simple observer, a traveler through life. My goal is to look, to hear, to explore, to learn, to express, to share, to appreciate all, if possible as a nonjudgmental and a tolerant soul. Alexandra Jicol Copyright © "The artists are the most fragile beings, yet empowered with an immeasurable stubbornness and strength for that for which they are destined to. They are so truthfully dedicated to their task that nor critics nor praise could interfere or make any difference in the unfolding of their destiny. " Alexandra Jicol Copyright © " Keeping listening the deepest echo of the soul... as I know that it is the purest source of truth that I'm sure of..." Alexandra Jicol Copyright © "The artist will continue its path as a complete independent observer regardless which "reality" it will chose to approach for study purpose." Alexandra Jicol Copyright ©
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