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About Me

Inu HaruNov 12, 2018, 8:14:37 AM

This seem like a good way to post things that really define me I think.

I guess i should introduce myself a little first.

Hello I am Inu Haru. -

With the loss of My original FB account after many years I decided to branch out more in Social Media. I love anime, manga, games, comics music, movies and lots of other geek-nerd stuff. I big into stuff from Japan.

My family is Japanese descent on one side but lived in America since before WW2. As a kid my family lived in several countries but at that time I hated it. I have family in Japan still.

WARNING - Sometimes i post NSFW adult stuff if you dont want to see it block it or dont follow me. But its mostly on my adult page.

Only those of like mind should follow, connect or mutual me.


I love Anime and Manga - Im also into comics, games (not as much anymore), Superheros, Fantasy, Scifi (Except the New ST and SW which SUCK), and music. Mostly J rock, American Classic Rock and 80s Rock and some J pop and American Rock and Roll, and Adult contemporary.

Im an outdoor person and live and work on a farm, Currently in Ohio and Kentucky USA

There is a Larger Q&A in the comments below

Feel free to message me, ask me questions or make requests.

Nice Meeting You

~Inu Haru

“I’m not a Pervert, just a fan of pretty Ladies”

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