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Women Against Feminism Are The Real Feminists

Stephanie SmithOct 11, 2016, 1:10:30 PM

Women Against Feminism is not a movement against equality, it is a movement for true equality. In some respects, it is a movement against women, but it is a movement against female supremacy. If we want true equality we must get it by raising everyone up, not by cutting some people down. Women Against Feminism are the true feminists, fighting for something that real feminists don't want to admit they obtained long ago; Equality.

When the #WomenAgainstFeminism appeared it was met with a mixture of scorn and anger from supposed feminists. Scrolling through the Twitter feed for it was a remarkable display of everything I hate about feminism and feminists. It seems to me that modern day feminism is nothing more than a hate group piloted children. Laughably, Women Against Feminism is now censored by Twitter.

How Can There Be Women Against Feminism?

I often have this line recited to me:

“Feminism is women trying to get equality, if you are a woman and you think you are equal to a man, then you are a feminist.”

Feminism does not equal equality.

To be clear, the Women Against Feminism are not women against equality, on the contrary, they're some of the most zealous people I have met in that regard. The Women Against Feminism are against feminist corruption which is very real. The hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism is a little misleading because in reality, they aren't against all of Feminism, just the large very noisy portion known as 'Third Wave Feminists' or 'Feminazis'. This is the first hurdle for the group since saying you are a woman against feminism often feels like you're a whale against Greenpeace or something similar. This has allowed the nefarious deeds of supposed 'feminists' to go unchallenged because by challenging them you are immediately dubbed to be uneducated and misogynistic. Most people don't know enough about the movement to do anything except look in a dictionary and go:

“duh feminism equals equality, these girls must be stupid”

Feminism isn't above attacking women who stand against it or even simply sit on the fence. When Kaley Cuoco said she wasn't a feminist the Huffington post deliberately slipped a quote from a previous interview in regards to her boob job to try and invalidate her. We've seen feminists mocking the WomenAgainstFeminism Tumblr, or, at least trying her best and countless other people mocking the women against feminism. Usually, the dictionary is the first thing thrown at anti-feminists because it must be that they simply don't understand feminism. Dictionaries are not a good way to justify a movement. Here's an example: The word 'literally' means "in a literal manner or sense; exactly", but is frequently used instead of 'figuratively', which is the opposite of literally. Now people say "I literally died" or "I literally exploded with joy" and we know they mean figuratively. Feminism is similar in that regard, constantly telling people to check the dictionary when it long since abandoned the limited framework of gender equality. Perhaps, you think that the women against feminism are uneducated girls who don't understand the history, but I say that it is because we know how great feminism was that we fight to stamp out the people dragging it through the mud.

I think after doing a little research, you will find that most of the vocal modern day feminists are uneducated and misandristic and genuinely believe we live in a patriarchal society.

For all the misogynists in my feed: I don't have time for you. The Wage Gap is real. Harass someone else. pic.twitter.com/zsGMryhrmv

— Lyndsay Kirkham (@Lyndsay_Kirkham) January 16, 2016

They happily follow along with the clique without ever actually putting any thought into why, beyond 'feminism=equality'. Sadly, I find that most of the time feminism is simply being used to escape the responsibilities of being an adult. Take a moment to think about your day to day life: you get up in the morning, maybe eat some breakfast and go to work or school, you have clothes on your back, full access to the internet, the right to vote, etc. Now take a moment and think about how you are personally oppressed. I have never found a feminist who can and will answer this question. If pushed, they will mumble about the wage gap, but then will admit that they are paid exactly the same as their male counterpart. If they're really desperate they will use examples of abuse in the Third-World, however, getting a personal response, verges on impossible and the reasons are obvious.

The Problem With Modern Day Feminism 

In this modern society, true feminism already won out and all that is left over are much smaller problems that barely affect the average person. Modern day feminism is constantly blowing up tiny issues that the average person wouldn't even think of. An example would be 'Manspreading' a word used to describe the way a man sits with his legs apart to avoid crushing his testicles. I'm not joking, this is a real thing feminists are complaining about, saying that men take up to much space. The feminist I spoke to who whined about this, never even attempted to ask the gentleman in question to move, just assumed he should know. Worse still, these modern day feminists are eager to attack even when a great achievement has been made.

Matt Taylor was a scientist who was part of ESA's mission to land a probe on a comet. A feat never accomplished before which will provide a lot of information about space and is a huge achievement for mankind. Unfortunately, for Matt, he became the target of modern day feminists, who through constant badgering and mean-spiritedness reduced him to a tearful apology available for everyone on the internet to watch. For what reason was Matt Taylor victimized so extensively? During an interview about the mission, he wore a shirt that his female friend, going by Elly Prizeman, made for him. The shirt was covered in scantily clad cartoon women, the kind you might see on the side of an amusement park ride. Now if you search Matt Taylor you'll find hundreds of pictures of him in the shirt. Despite the fact, he apologised, and despite the outright silliness of the situation, he is still demonised. Here is a real article from Verge claiming that his shirt makes women feel unwelcome in the scientific community.


Personally, I think if you can be repelled from your career choice by a shirt you probably didn't have much conviction to begin with. So before you pause to call the women against feminism stupid, take a good long look in the mirror. Ask yourself if you actually disagree with these people or if the Women Against Feminism are the true feminists.

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