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Blog: The true direction of media bias

IlMentoreJan 2, 2019, 11:23:19 AM

When I was young and dumb I was a big TYT (far left alternative media) fan I was convinced the media had a right wing bias. And indeed they are loath to critique big business or give Bernie Sanders types fair airtime to argue their point. However I have since removed my head from my rectum and now I also see the liberal media starting hysterical witch hunts at anything socially conservative or critical of social justice.

So which is it?

First lets get something out of the way.

Yes many of them are Jews which makes them naturally opposed to anything involving a positive white identity. But that's not the main issue.

The main stream media is corporate. They are big corporations and so are their advertisers. This gives them a vested interest in crony capitalism which the left perceives as right wing bias. 

Many corporations also engage in amoral behavior such as pollution, exploitation and fraud because these things are rather profitable. Profitable but bad for public relations. To offset this PR departments look for ways to virtue signal. Encouraged by their employees (who were brainwashed at college) they make a great (and cheap) show of their loyalty to the cult of social justice. Which creates the impression of a liberal media among the right.

There are other factors. Immigrants provide cheap labor for big corporations and population growth is the only way to grow if you are incapable of increasing market share. 

And lets not forget that in the age of social media shares increase clicks which means more advertising money. Women share when they get angry men share things they find amusing. But since amusing can be offensive there is a bigger advertising market for feminist crap.

But it's all about the money. Corporatism is an enemy to left and right alike and it's time we realized it.