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Blog: Mentors, masters and my pretentious user name.

IlMentoreJun 29, 2019, 10:17:39 PM

I have forgotten where I learned this. Maybe it was Machiavelli or Nietzsche or maybe some blog about assassin's creed.(@ me in the comments if you know the source of this idea to earn a token)

We"re all born ignorant. And we all learn throughout our lives. In order to do this we former unequal relationships with people who know what we which to learn. School, college apprenticeship programs it's just in the nature of teaching that the student must be subservient to a degree. As a freedom loving little contrarian that never sat well with me, but I learned that I had to play along to succeed in life.

Much later I learned that those who teach fall into to categories masters and mentors. The former teaches as if he is sharpening a blade he intends to wield. He sees the student as a way to spread his will his teachings not as one who may one day improve those teachings. The student may benefit but such a man is no friend. The mentor on the other hand teaches to create his equal or better yet his superior.

A mentor wants you to become capable of thinking for yourself on the subject. He wants you to improve his teachings.

This is important because it is the major divide in world politics. The struggle between those who want to take your freedom because it's dangerous and those who want to teach you to handle it responsibly.

One would lie to you to lead you to the "correct" conclusion the other wouldn't.

Please think carefully about which kind you want to be. And which kind you trust to teach you.