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Minds launches international affiliate program, sharing 25% of revenue with you

Ian CrosslandJul 12, 2017, 8:01:47 PM

On the tails of closing the fastest  $1 million Regulation CF equity crowd fund of all time, Minds barrels forward with a major upgrade.  It's called the Affiliate Program and it is a way for users to make some serious money on the site.

People sign up for the program by monetizing their account and following the links in their new,  upgraded wallet.  Once their Minds channel is monetized, they may recruit others to sign up via a referral link.

From there on, Minds shares 25% of the money that the new, referred channel spends on the site purchasing points and signing up for the new Minds Plus program.

One can refer as many people as they like through the Affiliate program, and will continue to recieve 25% of the revenue from each of them for as long as they maintain an active channel.

This is a way for Minds to grow and also reward people for bringing new users to the site.  For members of the Affilliate Program, a significant income opportunity is possible, and it's a great step for Minds by building a user-base that is helping itself to expand.  Ideally, everyone actively involved in the site is making a hefty portion of all the revenue that Minds produces.

When implemented properly, technology like this (cough... cough...  Facebook...)  really can benefit everyone involved, especially monetarily.  Altruism rocks.

Spread the news and the wealth.  Pass it on and start banking.