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5 Reasons why the U.S. is Screwed

HitchHikersGuideSep 23, 2016, 3:51:34 AM

   Alright, so 5 simple reasons why the United States of America is screwed and most likely its to late.

    First off we can't get along with eachother... At all.  U.S. citizens can't seem to agree on anything.  Everything is somebody elses fault and nobody wants to take responsibility for anything.  We have Social Warrior groups such as SJW's, Feminism, Black Lives Matter and much more but that's what came off the top of my head.  All these groups are fighting for a percieved "justice".  Problem is is that their timing is horrible, which bring me to my second point.

    Other Countries.  How many countries do you honestly think would care if the U.S. disappeared tommorrow.  Probably not very many, Saudi Arabi, only because there goes their biggest oil customer.  Russians would be dancing in the street and China wouldn't care.

    The United States is currently having massive problems with its own citizens at home, while other countries like Russia are regaining its former strength.  China is getting to a point were it no longer needs the U.S. finiancially.  The United States is consider to number 1 in the world currently.  Being number 1 sounds good and all.  Until you realize that everybody is alway trying their best to kick number 1 out of its spot and take that spot for themselves.  Nothing would make the Kremlin in Russia happier, than to see the United States fail economically just like the United States did to the Soviet Union(Russia) in the late 1980's.  Social Justice Warriors and the overall discontent in the United States toward the Government is only helping foreign governments out, who definately don't have the U.S.'s best interests at heart.

     Is the U.S. Federal Government currupt?  Yes most defianiatly.  They are like Commercial Airline Pilots, overpaid and think they are way more important than they actually really are.  (P.S. 99% of the time in flight on any Commericial Airline the plane is on autopilot.  Meaning the pilots are in the "Cockpit" comparing penis sizes the entire flight. Which explains why they can't fly the aircraft in emergency situations.  Give me two weeks in a simulator and I can fly just as good as them)

    Back on track, point number three.  The United States is broke as a joke and can't stop spending money.   Like a crackhead who just found a stash of somebody elses credit cards.

   Seriously, go check out www.usdebtclock.org.  There you can see in real time just how fast the federal government is digging its and our own grave.  In 1 minute and 30 seconds I just watch us go 1 million dollars more into debt.  1 fucking minute and 30 god damn seconds to go 1 more million into debt.  As of right now the U.S. government owes 19.5 trillion dollars, so $19,526,738,000,000.  That's what we owe but every 1 and a half minutes you can add another million onto that.

      The fourth point is that the rest of the world is going back to the Gold Standard.  Russia, China, and Iran.  The BRICs countries.  Countries whos' economies are still growing.  Are going back to the Gold Standard and are buying Gold as fast as they can get their hands on it.  While the U.S. dollar is based off of nothing more than good faith, and that good faith is shrivelling up faster than my penis at an all male beach valleyball tournament.  (Unless you are insecure about yourself and go into rage mode because your mind can't understand what's going on!?!  Hey look everyone it's Bubba)  But the rest of the world has realizes that the United States cannot pay off its own debt.

     The world has begun to look for alternatives to the Unites State, and the best canidate for that is Russia.  That's right, the U.S. has become so screwed up that we have made Russia look good.  If that doesn't put things into perspective for you I don't know what will.  More and more I see the world turning towards the Russians for help and less towards the United States for help.  Maybe they don't like how the United States Government feels it has the right to stick its nose into every aspect of their own countries business.  The United States has earned a horrible reputation for sticking its nose were it doesn't belong and imagine it?... That other countries really don't like that.

      The last reason is just, that's the natural course for all Empires and the U.S. is an Empire after all.  First understand that there are three stages in Empire, first the Rising Stage, then the Consolidation Stage, and finally the Falling Stage or as I like to call it the Spoil Rotten Bratts Stage.  Were the citizens are completely consumed with themselves and have very little interest in anything outside of themselves.  My belief is that the United States is in the last stage of empire and the Empire of America is failing.

    To put things into perspective.  In the 1800 hundreds the U.S. was in the Raising Stage as it conquered what would become the United States.  The 1900 hundreds was the Consolidation Stage as the U.S. was the diciding factor in both World Wars.  The 2000's will be the Falling Stage for the United States as its former glory has already ben dimmed.  Plus the U.S. has made the fatal mistake of invading Afghanistan.  A country that has contributed to the downfall of at least two other super powers in the past before the U.S. invasion.  Namely the Soviet Union and, the British Empire.  (Never invade Afganistan.  Those are the most stubborn people on planet Earth)

     At this point it is almost irreversable as we have burned to many bridges internationally for many countries to care about our plight.  The European Union kind of cares but that's only because they're not strong enough to hold Russia back by themselve.  Without U.S. support  Russia would easily be able to take over Europe.  However the indivduial countries within the E.U. could care less about us.

    Generally speaking the United State is screwed.  We can't pay our bills, we can't get along with eachother, and we've burned to many bridges.  We are a dying superpower and the vultures are beginning to circle.