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What if all this was fake

GatoVillanoAug 3, 2020, 1:11:01 PM

In 1990, there was a comedy called The Freshman. The plot of the story is that a goody 2 shoe young man was in love with a girl who is the daughter to the godfather. The protagonist is sent to collect a lizard that is nearly extinct by some godfather. At the end of the movie, the protagonist realizes that the godfather was interested in owning this lizard because he organized very expensive events where rich folks would pay to eat animals that are nearly extinct.

So the godfather parades around the dining room to display the lizard to the guess and then heads to the kitchen while the customers applaud him. In the kitchen, top chefs are busy at work preparing chicken and making sure the presentation of the dishes suggest that it is actually lizard’s meat.

While this is going on, the godfather walks right through the kitchen with the lizard on a leach a walks out the back door to meet his daughter and the protagonist. They all laugh and go out to take a walk with their new pet lizard.

This movie is about building a lie with so many layers that even the people who are involved in creating the lie aren’t even sure if it is a lie anymore. It is about having an authoritarian figure, who everyone is afraid of questioning, holding all the keys to the puzzle. It is about a crowd of narcissistic idiots who are reinforcing each other’s belief in the lie and celebrating how woke they are.

Let’s bring all this to the current year:

Everyone on the left are idiots with no cognitive faculties that believe everything the magic box in their living room tells them to believe, so I don’t want to address these people.

I want to talk about the alternative media who are actually validating a lie while trying to debunk it.

Content creators on alternative platforms, who say they are the alternative media, often talk about the ‘’pandemic’’ with the following narratives: ‘’We know that the covid-19 is a deadly disease, but is it that as extreme as the media reports’’, ‘’It is important to protect yourself but masks won’t protect you’’, ‘’We should take measures to stop this virus, but we must be reasonable’’…

If you have noticed, there is something similar with all these narratives. They say that this infection is real; that this infection is bad and that we should do something about it. By trying to be reasonable and to appear moderate, they are conceding ground to the people who are building the lie.

Let me try to change the context a bit by using absurd examples so that people really understand this:

• The government should tax us, but 50% income tax is a bit much.

• We should appease the barbarians by giving 100 of our children as slaves, but not 150 children, that would be unreasonable.

• We don’t have a choice but to throw 2 virgins in the volcano this year to appease the volcano god, but throwing 3 virgins in the volcano would be a bit much.

• See! The volcano did not burn down our village. Clearly, sacrificing those virgins worked.

You see how, in all these scenarios, the narrator is working on a compromise by validating absurd concepts and how he is just challenging part of the lie instead of rejecting the lie completely.

Let me ask you: Forget the media and the so called ‘’experts’’ for a minute. Based on nothing else but the observable reality, do you see a life threatning pandemic happening? Do you see people gasping for air or people dropping like flies in the streets? When you go to the park, do you see dead homeless people with their face blue because they suffocated to death? Do you see people in hazmat suits carrying body bags out of houses in your neighborhood?

You know, this is what a real life threatening pandemic looks like. You would see garbage trucks going around the neighborhood 5 times per day yelling ‘’Bring me your dead!’’. Bodies would be stacked up in incinerators and the hospital incinerators would not be able to handle that amount of bodies, so they would stockpile the bodies outside. You would see doctors coughing out blood.

What is the observable reality: You see people watching Netflix all day long waiting for their check in the mail; You see people going fat because of the lack of exercise; You see empty hospital waiting for patients and you see old folks scared out of their minds about a disease no one has.

I have worked in the health system for most of the pandemic and I can count on my fingers the people who were hospitalized because they might have the covid and I saw the same people walk out of the hospital 2 days later because they tested negative. We only had 2 confirmed cases in the past 7 months and we are in the zone that is reported to have the most cases of covid in the entire country.

Let me propose a hypothesis: What if this was nothing more than the common flu advertized as the covid-19?

What if the Chinese government put on a big show isolating their population; kidnapping healthy people in the streets; killing innocent people; welding people’s doors shut so they starve to death in their homes and pretending it is a mutated form of the covid.

When you see a bunch of Chinese dudes in hazmat suits riding segways while spraying smoke on the streets, you know this is nothing more than bullshit. Seriously, did you really think they were disinfecting the streets? For all we know, that smoke is probably produced with dry ice.


The Chinese government only had to put on a show for 2 months in order to have all the world governments shut down their economy and lock everyone in their homes in the most undemocratic and oppressive fashion.

Then you had YouTubers, like Stefan Molyneux, talk to some random Chinese in a livestream to fear-bait everyone that this was the Black Death. At no point did he question the validity of what he was being told. At no point did he think that he might be talking to someone who worked for the CCP.

We even had right wing conspiracy theorists suggest that China was lying to us, that the death toll was much higher than reported; thus, reinforcing the lie.

However, I believe the most telling information we have are the numbers of deaths from the disease. Even if the deaths were over reported, there were about half a million deaths worldwide. This might seem like much, but this is well within the number of deaths expected from the common flu.

The truth is that we cannot trust any of the information that is provided to us. There are countless publications that came out this year about the covid and most, if not all of them, promote the narrative the World Health Association is trying to promote at the time.

In fact, the symptoms of the covid are almost exactly the same has the common flu. They are so similar that even a medical doctor needs to test you to tell them apart; which does make it convenient if some nefarious people wanted to mislead the population.

Also, it is very unusual that China is responsible for causing the problem; is in charge of the organizations that are dealing with the problem and is going to provide the solution to the problem. On top of that, China controls the governments that are banning all information that contradicts the narrative of the WHO (that is controlled by China) and oddly, if you publish a book about the Chinese virus, a ton of Chinese protesters will come and try to intimidate you and will threaten to sue you.


It is almost like the CCP is the puppet master in this story.

Let’s talk about the structure of the covid-19 so we can understand the tests:

The coronavirus is a single stranded RNA virus. The core of the virus is a structure consisting of proteins which is surrounded by a lipid capsule with proteins sticking out. The surface proteins bind with a specific receptor on the surface the host cell, in the case of the covid the receptor is the CEACAM-1, which allows the virus to enter the cell. Once inside, the mRNA is released in the cytosol. The virus can now use the cell as a factory to build more copies of the virus.

The covid has a particularly long mRNA strand. It is about 30 000 nucleotide long. What is special about single strand mRNA is that it can fold on itself. Just like DNA, the nucleotides form pairs with their counterpart except in RNA the T is replaced by a U. The G and C form the strongest bonds which provide the 3 dimensional structure of the RNA. This allows the translation of many different proteins with a single mRNA strand.


Let’s talk about the covid test:

There are many ways to test for the covid-19. The Luminex method would probably be my method of choice, but it would be too expensive to test millions of people with this technique. From what I have seen, the ELISA test seems to be chosen by most institutions.

The ELISA method consists of a series on wells. The surface of these wells contains the antibody of a specific antigen. You fill the well with the sample and then rinse the inside of the well. You then add another antibody, which is combined with an enzyme, which will stick to the antigen and rinse again. The virus should be trapped in a sandwich of antibodies and all other molecules, that might affect the test, have been rinsed out. You then add a substrate in the well. The enzyme on the antibodies will modify the substrate which will produce a color in the well.

ELISA tests are fine, but there are some downsides to this method. The first downside and the most obvious is the competence of the user. Since the wells are small and close together, it is easy to contaminate the surrounding wells. This would produce a large number of false positives.

During the pandemic, I saw a ton of job offers in hospitals to perform these tests, but I took a better job offer. But if I would have taken that job, maybe there would have been a few thousands less false positives in my province.

The second issue with the test is that the covid-19 shares 94% of the same genetic material as the other covid strains and that many of the covid strains share the same receptor. This means that a lot of people who had the common flu might have tested positive to the covid-19.

Let’s push this narrative a little further. What if all the people who tested positive to the covid had the common flu? The covid strain that causes the SARS only has 1200 out of 30 000 nucleotides that are different from the common flu and the mutation that cause the covid-19 might be a single nucleotide mutation. It is more likely that the antibodies used will be specific to the surface proteins, although these proteins change very fast for this type of virus.

Even if you are using the Luminex method with specific primers to the covid-19 on your beads, if the RNA are 94% identical, they will probably bind to the primer and produce a false positive. What you would need are restriction enzymes to cut the RNA in pieces and to have a primer specific to a fragment containing the mutation. I would still edge my bets by using a primer specific for the mutation without the restriction enzymes, if I have a low budget. The primer just might stick to the mRNA depending on how it is folded.


I don’t think the pharmaceutical companies went that far. Outside of a R&D lab this would be considered too expensive. Also, I don’t think the governments wanted to be precise in the first place. I think they wanted as many positive results as possible.

So if we return to our analogy of the Freshman: You have the CCP government putting on a show, just like the godfather walking in front of the customers with the lizard on a leach; In the dining room you have the mainstream and the alternative media convincing each other that this situation is bad and that it is much worse than reported; and what is coming out of the kitchen is the common seasonal flu dressed up in plates to look like the covid.

Gato Villano