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The Intrinsic Value of Life

GatoVillanoSep 10, 2019, 5:13:48 AM


The Intrinsic Value of Life

There are some narratives I keep hearing where ever I go and I need to speak out about it. The 2 main narratives you hear is: ‘’there are too many people on earth’’ and ‘’the birthrate is too low’’.

Let’s just start with the obvious. If you believe there are too many people in the world, there is no redeeming factor. You have to ask yourself ‘’why are you alive’’. If you actually think there is too many people on Earth and that the population should decrease, why haven’t you killed yourself yet?

As for those who want to increase the birthrate: there are many reasons why we want the birthrate to increase and some of these reasons are disgusting. This is what I want to talk about.

Many people look at the creation of life, not as a beautiful thing, but as a means to an end. The most obvious example of this comes from the aging population.

Most countries in the world today function under a Ponzi scheme. The people at the top of the pyramid, the elderly, live off dept passed down to the bottom of the pyramid, the unborn. The elderly view newborns as indentured wage slaves. They are born with tens of thousands of dollars of dept and are expected to give up a significant portion of their future property to pay for pensions and healthcare to the elderly.

We pretend that indentured servitude is illegal in the West, but it is done on a massive scale for many generations now.

Other people view newborns as future military assets to fight for their economical or ideological goals. At the end of WW1, Marshal Foch looked at the German birthrate and predicted that the war did not end. That it was only a 20 years pause. When you are born a man, countless people expect you to die for the state, die for Yahweh, die for Allah… You are put into this world as cannon fodder to kill and die for your respective group. And if you refuse, you will be murdered by your own.

Then we have those who, on one hand fight for peaceful parenting, which is a respectable goal, and on the other hand advocates that demographics are destiny. He is basically advocating that we should have the white babies to push back against the evils of the world. Again… he sees the creation of life as a means to an end.

Why do we rely on the unborn to save us? If it is true that we live under the threat of Marxist sociopaths, brutal migrants and the collapse of our way of life, why are we kicking the cane down the road? Why aren’t we dealing with these threats ourselves?

I’m seriously starting to question the validity of the non aggression principal. Are we to contemplate our doom because of ‘’muh principals’’? 

Then there are the monsters of this world. The Liberals, the democrats, the feminists… People who are happy to kill babies and harvest their organs. Vampires who harvest stem cells from foetuses in order to prolong their lives. Pathetic excuses for human beings, like Oprah, who uses the cells from the mutilated genitals of young boys to produce creams.

I have a hard time even calling these pieces of shit ‘’people’’. A person is endowed with a soul. A person possesses a moral conscience that prevents them from committing such horrible acts. Clearly, the individuals that advocates for these horrors are not ‘’People’’ and they should not be treated as such.

As a conclusion, I have only this to say:

Step away from the baby all you fucking bastards. Life has an intrinsic value. A child is not born to serve you. It is not put into this world as an asset to serve your cause. It is free to decide its own goals and its own purpose in life.

So pay for your own goddamn welfare and pensions; fight your own damn wars; deal with the threats during your lifetime so that future generations won’t have to do it for you; and if you are one of these vampires that harvest the organs of babies, kill yourself.

Gato Villano