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The Box that Controls You

GatoVillanoDec 24, 2018, 7:31:41 PM


                                          The Box that Controls You

Have you ever debated with a boomer? Have you ever tried to debate with a couch potato GenXer? You should try; it is a very enriching experience. Not because they are going to tell you anything enlightening. They will probably look at you, with those big round eyes. Big round eyes, like windows into their soul. And you realize that nobody's home while they repeat the mainstream narrative. A narrative filled with gaps and unexplained questions, because they haven't processed or questioned anything the box told them. And if you dare, bring facts and arguments that contradict what the tube told them, suddenly they won't like you anymore. You might be their best friend, son or brother, it doesn't matter. You are committing blasphemy against the master in the box.

You can explain to them that man made climate change is unscientific. You could spend hours showing facts, stats, argument, you could show them all the data in the world; they will tell you ''climate change is real''. No fact, no argument... nothing. They can't even make an argument. All they can do is repeat again and again what the damn box in the living room told them was real and to these people, this was the word of God. To these people, what is on TV is the absolute fact. Only the best authorities on any topic could possibly give their opinions on the Tube.

These people will tell you ''Trump is a NAZI'' and you are going to palm-face yourself so hard it will leave a mark. You will ask them ''What the hell made you come to that conclusion?''. They will tell you ''Trump is racist''. Again… no facts. ''Trump is racist against Mexicans''. You will tell them that these Mexicans are not American citizens. Then they will repeat ''Trump is a NAZI''. After repeating the same shit 20 times they will tell you to stop and that they don't want to talk to you anymore. 

I had arguments with couch potatos about the migrant gangs. I showed them tons of footage about people being assaulted by migrants. They will watch 20 seconds of it and then they will find a reason to leave the room. If you point out that they refuse to look at the facts, you will get the usual ''You are racist''.

Women are being fed a narrative in talk shows and in the dumbass series that they watch that men are animals; that men will attack them if they ever happen to be left alone with them; when in real world; most men would risk their lives without a second thought to protect a woman in distress.

The baby boomers were not ready for this invention. The television was a super stimulus placed before them and they had no way to filter the information given to them. Instead of raising their children, they sat down in front of the Tube the minute they got home. Many GenXers received no valuable advice from their parents. Mom and Dad were too busy looking at a box for 8 hours a day. Pretty soon the GenXers became basement dwellers. They had no aim in life; they failed to launch in life. Then, the children of the GenXers were on their phones. The millennials spent their lives on their phones. They tweeted every little fucking details of their lives. Today, tons of millennials have their asses posted somewhere on the internet. One giant record; a time capsule of the asses of a generation out there on the internet for future generations to marvel at ;-).

Unfortunetly, it wasn't just generations after generations of morons wasting their lives staring at the screen. Those who seek to control us have understood long ago that if you want to brainwash a population, it is very practical to use a medium that people consume for 60+ hours per week.

People were born in front of that screen; they grew up in front of that screen; that box was a substitute for their worthless parents; that box was their secret lover; that box educated them with pseudo bullshit knowledge; that box made them laugh and made them cry; and one day, they will see the end of their civilization on that screen.

I often ask myself a question: when in history did people stop learning proper economics? When did people forget about Von Mises and Adam Smith? When did we adopt keynesian bullshit model? When did people believe Marxism was a good thing? When did people start thinking screwing with your brain chemistry with drugs was a good idea? When did we think importing the 3rd world into our backyard was a good idea?

We started believing in that bullshit because a box in our living room told us to believe those things.

We can see examples of this in series that promote a futuristic world where all currencies have disappeared. Everyone works for free in a Marxist Utopia where you need to do your military service to advance in life. Admirals rule the population like despots and being friendly with them gives you influence. A world where San Francisco is no longer city where junkies shit on the sidewalks, it is actually the capital of the planet. Nations and borders no longer exist on earth and a prime directive that is imposed on everyone against their will by a futuristic UN prevents anyone from saving cultures and people in need if this UN considers them to be unfit. On top of that, the only species that is nationalistic and is willing to fight for its preservation and self interest is considered a bunch of savages.

How bout a TV show for all ages where all men are portrayed as overweight bumbling idiots who are failures at life and where all women are portrayed as geniuses who succeed at everything without trying. A series where the father figure is constantly shown begging for his wife to love him and self flagellating that he is not worthy of her presence.

And what about every mainstream media or every media on TV these days, pushing for a globalist agenda; promoting for the genocide of white Africans; condemning the victims of the migrant gangs as racist; constantly pushing the feminist agenda; talking about corporate bailouts from the government as desirable economical progress; and blatantly hiding the corruption of the bastards in office.

One night I was visiting my folks and they were watching a documentary on the CBC praising Kim Jung jong-Un as a progressive leader trying desperately to free his people from the oppressive regime he inherited from his father. I laughed and pointed out that this was a load of crap; that this was nothing more than bullshit propaganda done by the fucking socialist liberals who control the CBC. I was shocked to see that my folks actually believed the bullshit that was forced fed to them.

But seriously, would these media actually spend all this money on producing this propaganda if it didn’t work? Look at all the bullshit that is spewed on television and tell yourself that there are people in this world that are brainwashed enough to believe that crap. That is both a depressing and terrifying thought.

I look at my family, with their heads filled with bullshit and propaganda and I'm pissed. I'm really pissed. I had to learn everything in life the hard way because I never received anything that could be considered a decent advice, because my family was brainwashed to believe a bunch of bullshit liberal/Marxist/feminist/globalist crap. Everything they believe is a load of crap. And every time we talk about these things, it creates conflict in our family that pushes us further and further apart.

It is important to understand what is wrong in the world and it is important to correct it. One day I will have a wife and kids and I won't make the same mistakes my parents did. I won't have an indoctrination box in my house. I will engage conversations with my family. I will be interested to know what is going on in their lives, what they think, what they believe.

At some point, one generation has to decide: I will do the uneasy things; I will do the unpleasant things; and I will end the cycle of shit we are stuck in.

Thanks for listening to my rant. As always, I'm open to any civil discussions if some of you want to talk and in the words of Ned’s Atomic Dustbin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vonvSnYjGu8

Gato Villano