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The Abuse of Men

GatoVillanoJan 10, 2019, 6:53:06 AM


                                                         The Abuse of Men

Paul Elam brilliantly said: There are no victims, only volunteers. This is very true. The nature of abuse is only characterized by how much you are willing to take. Men have always been used and abused by their loved ones and society, but this problem has always been ignored because the hardship of men is something considered shameful and undesirable by society. So we close our eyes to the pain of men, making male victims invisible. Instead, society (men and women alike) caters to women. The mere possibility of an inconvenience a woman could encounter in life is overblown and society bends over backwards in the hope these inconveniences would ruined a minute of their day. While we are focused on mansplaining and manspreading, men without a voice are killing themselves at record speed.

I cannot think of a single thing more important than to reach out and save these men. What is the use of saving our society if the men within it are dead. Most people will say: ‘’yeah yeah yeah, there are men who kill themselves. They are weak incels. This is natural selection. Besides, there is no shortage of men.’’ Until it hits home. Until the day where someone they care about is affected by this or they, themselves, become the victims. At which point, they will cry about society not giving a damn. Guys, you do not have to learn everything the hard way and deep down in your heart, you know that this is the right thing.

If we look at men untouched by the harshness of the world, we realize that they are happy cavemen. Deep down inside, men have hearts as big as the world and only want to be loved and validated. Men take pleasure and pride in providing and protecting the ones they love and only ask in return of their sacrifice that people recognize their deeds and love them. 

This innocence never last. Men harden up when they realize their disposability; when they realize they are being used; when they realize they are being lied too. When men realize the true nature of the people around them they cannot unsee what is seen and trust becomes harder and harder to give. Men then become focus on their work. They become more isolated. Spending their lives earning resources for people who look down on them or take them for granted.

Sometimes men will create a dream, something to look for at the end of the road in order to make this life sucking routine bearable. It could be something exotic like owning a shack in the Bahamas or a boat. That is, until their dreams are taken away by their wife, because she will not tolerate that so many resources be allocated to fulfill his dreams (even though he is the one who has earned these resources through years and years of labor in some ungratifying job) and besides, instead of day dreaming, he should be focused on making her happy, cause this is what a good servant would do.

The abuse of men is done by many entities. The state abuses men when it steals their money and forces them to go die in some worthless war; the media abuses men when they portray them as blood thirsty savages; the education system abuses men by treating them as defective girls, demonizing their masculinity and by giving women unfair advantages (and men are completely aware of the double standards in education, yet the majority of men rather take the blue pill and look the other way). However, the most prevalent of all abuses done against men is domestic and this is what I want to talk about today.

One thing that I have noticed in all the cases of domestic abuse I have seen in my life is that one person enters the relationship with an inequality to his/her partner and that this partner takes advantage of it. One of the partner feels inadequate; he/she feels like he/she didn’t try hard enough in past relationships; he/she believes he/she needs to make sacrifices in order for the relationship to succeed; or this person believes that this is their last chance at having a meaningful relationship in their lives. This causes a differential of power between both partners right from the start and opens the door to abuse.

I often see these situations when someone left a relationship. This is the moment when someone doesn’t the worst decisions.

This is more apparent when it is the man that is disadvantaged because society expects him to be strong and dependable. Also, women are expected to have certain vulnerabilities in a relationship and society doesn’t tolerate when a man takes advantage of this vulnerability. 

Guys, you need to pay attention in your relationships to see the signs early an act accordingly and you might not be able to recognize dangerous situations at the start of the relationships. In fact, these relationships start just like any other.

You meet a cute and/or sexy girl. She looks decently smart and she wants a serious relationship. You really can’t tell with her personality if she is bad news. I have seen nymphomaniacs with a bubbly personality; shy and publicly awkward girls; religious and career driven women; all of them crazy women who will fuck up your life. It is rare that a girl will tell you ‘’I keep the knives in the drawers so I can cut off your wiener why you sleep’’. That would be too obvious.

So basically, you start this relationship like any other. You can expect the usual magic of a new relationship. The amazing sex 3 or 4 times a day. Her calling you at your workplace to tell you she loves you. You will do lots of activities together. It is going to be great. When you are not thinking with your penis, you realize that she is sprinkling fairy dust on your eyes so that you will blindly walk into a trap you won’t be able to escape.

After a few weeks or a month she is going to hit you with a shit test. She will make it very public. She will probably contradict you on a topic where you are obviously right or she will spew out something absurd and all her friends are going to support her on this. It will feel like you just stepped in an unreality where right is left and up is down. This shit will make no sense and you will probably pause. The point is that it doesn’t matter if what she said is right or wrong. This is a show of power. Facts just went out the window, she expects you to bow down and submit to her bullshit. Paul Elam is right when he says that this is the moment when you need to hold your ground even if there is a chance she will leave you. But most men take the blue pill and fall in line. They think they have a good thing. That it is not worth losing a girl like that over a dumb argument. This is the moment she puts the shocker on you. She already lost all respect for you.

You will notice an instant change in the relationship. You will notice that there is a lot less sex in the relationship. At first, she might allow you to convince her to have sex once in a while, but she will look uninterested during the intercourse and pretty soon she will start to find excuses to avoid sex.

This would be a good time to bail out, but most guys decide to tough it out hoping that things will get better.

The verbal abuse will start slowly to creep in. In the beginning it will be a mean word here and there. You will think that she didn’t meant it and let it pass. But this will escalate. She will soon start attacking your self esteem little by little. She will insult your performance in bed; she will question your ability as a provider; she will constantly point out that you can’t do anything right.

If you made the mistake of moving in with that bitch, at this point you have serious problems.

Soon, she will make it abundantly clear that the house is her domain and that you are not welcome in it. You won’t be able to spend 5 minutes alone doing something before she barges in to complain about what you are doing.

Then she will separate you from your friends and family. You will become isolated in a house in which you walk on eggshells. This is extremely demanding emotionally and mentally.

Suddenly, she will start spending more time with her male friends. She will go out with them without asking you; she will invite them at your place; the way she will act with them will be out of place. She behavior will suggest that she might be cheating. She is doing this to hurt you.

I don’t care how much self confidence or how much of a strong personality you have, this will start to break you down. You will be miserable, you will start being seriously depressed and she won’t quite. She will keep on beating down on you again and again. This is very dangerous and damaging for you. You need to walk out right now; call people you know and ask them for help. Leave and never return to that place. Have a 3rd party sell the house.

Scenario 1: You manage to leave this house of nightmare. You found a friend or relative that will provide you are roof until you can get back on your feet. At first, you will feel liberated. You will feel like you are breathing the free air for the first time in your life. But there is a hard road ahead.

You will have to rebuild yourself. You will feel your stomach turn upside down when people ask you ‘’what do you want’’. The sentence will feel like something forbidden at first. It is hard to describe, but people have an emotional shell that keeps them together. This shell is made out of your self-love; the love other people have in you; your beliefs and values; your sense of right and wrong; your wants and desires. This shell protects you from all the bad shit in the world. That shell is probably broken at this point and it will be hard to rebuild. Remember that every part of your identity has been relentlessly attacked for months or years. You have been treated like filth. When you have been exposed to this level of psychological abuse, it is hard to unsee the evil in people. I mean it, you will literally see evil in everyone.

Another thing you need to watch out is not to isolate yourself. There is a good chance that you will feel socially awkward and that you will start to avoid people. A lot of men in this situation will hide in video games. Some might even start drinking or take drugs. I know it is hard, but you need to step out there and talk to people.

Also, you will have problems entering in new relationships. It is very likely that you will bail out after one or two days with a new girl. This problem will last for years and you will ask yourself ‘’When will I get my life back? When is this problem going to end?’’. I’m sorry, I don’t have any answers for this one.

Scenario 2. You decided to remain in that house and you are now visiting every levels of hell.

She will insist that you have a baby with her. She will persuade you that this is what you need to do to fix the couple. At this point, you might be so fucked that you actually think this is a good idea. Some of you might be smart enough to wonder if she is not trying to cover up a mistake she did with another guy.

Once she is pregnant, you are now disposable. I shit you not, you might go to sleep one night and just before you close your eyes, she will whisper to you ‘’You know, I can kill you in your sleep’’. Guys, for the love of all that is holy, do not get a life insurance and make sure she doesn’t get one for you. Women are well known to put arsenic in their husband’s food. She will tell you it is artificial sweetener that she is substituting real sugar for because she is worried about your weight. I have known men who have been poisoned and you do not want to go there. The doctors and the coroners don’t even make tests for arsenic poisoning unless they are asked too and often they are reluctant to do those tests because it would imply that they assumed a woman did something wrong. You cannot have that in a gynocentric society.

She might start hitting you or throwing objects at you. If you defend yourself she will call the cops and have you arrested. This is why most of the men in this situation just stand there and take the abuse.

If you earn good money she will drop the divorce bomb on you. She will drag your sorry ass in court, accuse you of assaulting her. She will keep the house and the kids and you will pay out of your nose to support them. Very soon, you might end up on the street or in jail. When you realize there is no way out, you might decide to end it. You will be nothing more than a statistic society tries very hard to ignore.

Ok, let me tell you the way out of this mess if you chose scenario 2. You are stuck in this nuthouse with this bitch that wants to destroy your life and a baby is on the way. You need to get this in your thick skull right away: ‘’She is not the woman you once loved. She is your enemy’’.

The second thing you need to do is to learn how to make pastries. You need to become extremely good at making cakes, donuts, pies and all that shit.

Here is what you do. You start acting like this baby fixed everything in the couple and that you now worship the ground she stands on. Go full bitch-brain mangina.

Make amazing cakes on a regular basis. I mean, go full out with the eccentric decorations made out of almond paste. Put a ton of icing on top of that shit and not the low fat shit. Use fucking Butter; Lots and lots of butter. Make sure your presentation is amazing. Tell her nothing is too good for the woman you love.

Make batches and batches of cupcakes with icing on top.

Make sure there are fresh donuts in the frig for the next morning. And don’t make the donuts with canola oil. Use fucking LARD!!!

Pretty soon other man will lose interest in her and you will be her back up. Stay focus on your goal. She will be looking for compliments; asking you if she is fat. You need to convince her that she is extremely sexy just the way she is.

Sugar and fat are so addictive; she probably wouldn’t be able to stop at this point, even if she wanted to. She will literally have her cake and eat it too. In fact, she will have lots and lots of cake.

I’ m not advocating that you kill your wife with sweets, but you might want to invest in one of those supersize casket… just in case.

And if by any chance her fat clogged heart stops beating before she divorces you, you would get to keep your money, the house and the custody of your child. On top of that, you will get everyone’s sympathy.

And don’t worry about the funeral. People are too politically correct these days to say anything about her weight. That would be too insensitive.

I want to end this presentation by saying to all the guys out there: If you are in an abusive relationship, you need to get out of there. You do not deserve this. And to the men who are not in this sort of mess, keep an eye out if one of your friend is in need. Talk to him and help him out. Let him know that he can come crash at your place until he gets back on his feet again. Tell him that he doesn’t have to live like this. I’m not kidding, you might save a life. Think about it.

Gato Villano