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Response to those who hate my posts

GatoVillanoApr 25, 2020, 8:25:52 PM

We often hear the argument, from your average folk on social media, that they want a diversity of ideas; that they want their ideas challenged; that they want to debate and for truth to prevail.

And then the very same folks tell me that they disagree with me; that I don't know anything and that I should avoid posting anything on the net; and some even say that if they have nothing in common with me, why are they even reading my posts, #VeryUnSub.

The first thing I have to say to these people is that I never forced people to read my posts. I just spew stuff in the void of the net and some people just so happen to read it and some even encourage me to do so.

Second, These people could have saved so much money on net fees by purchasing a mirror. Because clearly, these people are only looking for someone to repeat to them everything they already believe so that they will have the confirmation that they are right...

I don't care about any of that. I started this channel with a post explaining the purpose of this channel:

I am a scientist, which means that there are many things that I cannot say in real life because we live in a statist authoritarian world and I would get in a lot of trouble for having the ''wrong opinions''. So this is basically me, on my rooftop, shouting into a mic and annoying my neighbors.

To be honest, I originally thought I would only get 100 views and maybe 1 weirdo subscribed to me. I'm humbly surprised I did better.

I also don't care about linking sources. This is something I already do in my day job and I don't need a second job. This means that if you want sources, you will have to dig them yourselves or go watch the YouTubers for whom social media is their profession.

When it comes to the comment section, I try to answer everyone who took some time out of their day to write me. I think that this is the polite thing to do. If, by any chance, I did not reply to one of your comment, either I did not see it; I did not understand what you were saying; or the comment was just too stupid and I couldn't be bothered to answer it.

Now I do understand that some topics will create a lot of disagreement. We can already think of politics and religion being 2 major taboo.

A good example is when I express my nationalism for Quebec. I always get folks from Western Canada shitting in my comment section, saying that Quebeckers are parasites and that they should repay Alberta for money were apparently stolen from them. Of course, these people did not bother to look at what really happened historically and would rather talk out of their asses.

So I guess this is a good time as any to set the record straight:

So what these people are referring too are the ''Equalization Payments in Canada''. In Canada, the federal government will distribute money to provinces depending on their budget. Quebec is poorer per capita than the rest of Canadian, so they get the biggest share of that money and Alberta, being the richest province, pays money to the federal government.

This leads to the Albertans pretending that Quebeckers are stealing from them and that Quebec owes money to Alberta. Of course, this is bullshit and I will explain why:

The Equalization Payments in Canada started in 1957, under John George Diefenbaker of the conservative party. Of course, the act was a going away gift from the previous administration, but Diefenbaker did not remove it. It preferred to allow it to happen in order to get elected.

Quebec did not ask for the Equalization payments. They voted for the other guy... And quite frankly, these payments and all forms of welfare is harmful to Quebec. I would be the first one who would be happy to see them stopped.

This only goes to show that when Western Canada bitch about Quebeckers not voting conservative because they want that sweet welfare, Western Canada is full of shit.

Quick side note: It is interesting to know that in the 1957 election, Alberta did not vote conservative. Instead they voted for the Social Credit party. This party wanted to institute a system called Absolute Economic Security, which is the ancestor of Universal Basic Income. So this is a little stain on Alberta's history when they advocated for communism...

The second argument is that Quebec is not the only one receiving money from the Equalization Payments. The 8 other provinces are cashing in as well, but Western Canada only bitch about Quebec. So this looks like bigotry to me...

Thirdly, if Alberta hates giving money to Quebec, why wouldn't they be happy to see Quebec leave Canada? Instead, you see Conservative governments popping out of Western Canada who wants to flood Quebec with migrants so that they wouldn't separate from Canada.

This ties into the other argument. Western Canadians keep asking for Quebec to payback all that money... Well than, Can Quebec send you all the migrants you imposed on them at the same time? I mean... these 3rd world welfare migrants you kindly donated to us are a gift that keeps on giving. I'm sure your women will love the cultural enrichment...

Another topic that keeps popping up is ''Saving the West''. This topic made me face palm so many times, I can't even count that high. Everyone has his little hypothesis on how to save the West and they are desperately trying to convince others that they must join with them or face annihilation.

I have been honest about this topic since day one. I do not believe that politics or white babies are going to save us. I have also been honest when I said that I want to see the world burn.

Yeah, you heard me right: I want to see the World Burn and I don't even feel the need to convince people that this is the right solution, because this outcome is inevitable. But before you say I’m batshit crazy, let me explain why I believe that this is the right solution:

This conclusion is based on evolution. You need an environmental stress to weed out the week so that they can make way for the strong. The problem with the West and the World in General is that we have been so successful that we have shielded ourselves from natural selection.

What I want are stronger, smarter and overall better humans to survive and to allow for the weaker humans to die out. There is no good or evil in this. Natural Selection might be cruel, but it is fair.

I would have loved to work with Prof. James Watson and produce these super humans in a lab, but the left decided that Watson had to be destroyed along with all of his work. Thus, people do not want the soft landing... fine, here comes the hard landing...

The nice part about all this is that I don't have to waste my time throwing sticks in the cogs. Humanity is heading for a crash course and there is nothing that can stop it now. This means that I can spend my time and energy preparing so that I and my loved ones can survive this apocalypse.

However, when I get the chance, I like to write posts giving ideas to people on how to survive this. I know that only the people with the right genes are going to be interested in those posts anyways.

I should use the opportunity to address the most common objection to my argument:

Some people on the net are afraid that if the current civilization collapses, that it very likely that we will never see such a civilization again. Of course, these are the same people who argue that a population requires a high IQ in order to produce an advance civilization and they are the same people who argue that we need more white babies.

Perhaps you have noticed that these people want it both ways and that they destroy their own arguments: Natural selection in a cold climate is likely to favor individuals with a higher IQ due to the necessity of the deferral of gratification needed to survive in a cold climate and because ingenuity and cooperation are essential to survive in such a climate. This means that, not only we can be certain a new civilization will be born from the ashes of the last civilization, but also that it is more than probable that it will be a better civilization than the last one.

These are 2 examples topics that will never be solved. Even if I have completely debunked this Equalization Payment bullshit, it will keep on popping again and again, just like the wage gap.

I made peace with this. I have accepted that people have no curiosity; they question nothing; it is pointless trying to change people's minds and quite frankly, I don't care. The only person I'm trying to please is me. I do not need any gratification from others.

Well I'm glad we could clear all possible misunderstandings. And like I say: I'm still going to post even if no one reads it.

This being said, I wish a good afternoon to everyone

Gato Villano