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My White Whale; Drugging Children

GatoVillanoOct 3, 2019, 7:20:42 AM


My White Whale; Drugging Children

Of all the things that enrages me is the drugging of children. To fuck with the brain chemistry of a child because we are not able to admit our failures and because we are unwilling to fix our society is one of the great evils of our time.

Throughout my education as a biochemist I worked part time as a pharmacy tech and I have seen parents (mostly single mothers) drug their children instead of providing them a proper environment to grow.

How many times have I talked to single mothers who believe they are doing good to their children by drugging them? What the fuck do these mothers know about doing the right thing for their children? Did they do what is right for their child when they evicted the father from their homes and from the lives of their children?

Another way to look at it is that we give drugs to people who are sick, this would mean that these parents are the pathology.

Other parents told me horrible stories about teachers and doctors forcing them to drug their children. These parents are forced to comply if they don’t want to be charged with child neglect and have their children taken away from them. I feel sorry for those parents who are forced to zombify their child. Personally, if I were in their shoes, I would have a personal vendetta towards the teacher or doctor that is harming my child.

Today a video came out on YouTube, on the channel Howcast, called ‘’6 Common Autism Behaviors’’ and I plan on debunking the shit out of this cancer. Here are the 6 behaviors:

Speech delay or atypical speech development

Very often, this is misdiagnosed. I have seen a lot of parents who have neglected their children. They have not stimulated the child to learn. Instead the child has been mostly raised by the television or videogames and the child ends up being socially challenged.

I have also met a lot of parents who believes it is the job of the state to teach their children how to talk. I mostly hear this from women who work full time.

We have yet to develop a drug that will replace parenting…

Lack of Eye Contact

Again, we are talking about children who have been neglected; children that spend their days in front of a screen. Many of these children don’t even have a father and end up not having a back bone either.

Also, I don’t know if doctors are aware of this but many children are shy. They do not seem to understand that humans are animals. If you look at children when they are young, you quickly realize that they are very feral. They need to establish a hierarchy and staring in someone’s eyes is a sign of dominance. Does this mean we have to drug all the children who are not alphas?

We also need to mention that these children spent a lot of time in day care growing up. Many of them will show symptoms of abandonment. Lack of eye contact could be the expression of a child who feels abandoned.

Stereotypical behavior (repetitive behavior)

We clearly live in a world where health professionals have either no child of their own or that they spent no time raising them, because if they spent any length of time with a child, they would realize that normal children have repetitive behaviors. These children might be lacking stimuli or they are lost in their imagination (which is normal for a child). Or maybe they are repeating an action because they find it amusing.

It is not because a child is clapping his hands for an hour that he is suffering from obsessive compulsive behavior.

Difficulty with changing routines

Someone please buy some cats to these ‘’health professionals’’. Children, like any animal, needs structure. They need to live in an environment that is familiar to them. They need to have a routine, even when it is sometimes repetitive. This structure gives a sense of security to the child. Just like any animal, having knowledge of the routine and what is expected of them reduces the anxiety of the child.

If the parents find routines boring, maybe they shouldn’t have had children in the first place.

Also, it is not because a child likes having objects places in a certain way that they have an obsessive disorder. A child not wanting other people to touch their toys doesn’t mean that they have an anti-social behavior. These are normal behaviors children have.

The ‘’specialist’’ in the video even believes that a kid wanting his parents to come play with him/her is a sign of autism… Man… maybe she should be the one on drugs…

Sensory issues: Being sensitive to clothing

If we were all diagnosed with autism because, as a child, we did not like certain types of clothing and removed the clothing we did not like, then we would ALL be on drugs.

She even describes liking the texture of certain fabrics or to like walking barefoot on cold tiles as a symptom of autism. These ‘’health professional’’ are sociopaths.

To like solitary play

Really… These ‘’health professionals’’ cannot find any other reasons why a child want to play alone than having autism?

Maybe the other kids are mean; maybe the kid as a vivid imagination; or maybe the child just enjoys some time alone.

To sum this up, these ‘’health professional’’ are absolute maniacs. They see behavioural problems anywhere. If you look at the list I just mentioned you realize that there are no objective standards to determine if a child has autism or not. It is all left to the interpretation of the ‘’professional’’. If these ‘’professionals’’ have a bias against boys you can quickly understand why boys are systematically drugged for being boys.

‘’Health professionals’’ have clearly shown that they are incompetent at diagnosing autism. They have shown how they are irresponsible at prescribing drugs to children. This entire institution should be dismantled from top to bottom; taken apart; analysed; and reformed. I also believe that a shitload of these ‘’professionals’’ should be in jail for child abuse.

For the love of all that is good in this world, stop drugging your children. It is never the solution. And for fuck’s sake, give your child a proper environment to grow in with all the stimuli they require.

And if you are driving one day and you see one of those teachers/doctor/professional, that forces people to drug their children, crossing the road, you might forget stepping on the breaks. Maybe you were distracted or maybe you have autism too. Maybe autism is contagious…

Gato Villano