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If the Government would Collapse, Would We Notice it?

GatoVillanoNov 18, 2019, 4:53:02 AM

If the Government would Collapse, Would We Notice it?

While I was at work, a question came to me: If the government would suddenly disappear, what would change?

I was exploring this question with the hierarchy of needs in mind.

The first pillar would be the physiological needs: I do not think anyone would be naked within the first decade of anarchy. But what about food and water? If you think about it, the infrastructure that brings goods to the grocery store is still there without the government. Crops will still grow; farmers will still harvest; the trucks are still there; the owner of the grocery store still want to make a profit. Why would everyone just give up the minute the government collapses? Why would people lie on the ground and wait to die?

I believe people are afraid because they have seen failed socialist states on TV where people starve to death. However, if you are in North America, the government does not own the means of productions. Private owners own the means, and they are not dependent on the state.

The second pilar is safety: well, if you live in the inner cities of the USA you are not safe with or without a government . But if you live in a civilized society, ask yourself, if a policeman standing next to you all day long? Can you think of a day you have spent without seeing a single cop? Are the majority of your daily interactions voluntary and free of coercion?

When you think about it, for the common people, law enforcement has a minute impact on our lives. If the police wasn’t there, most of us would not start murdering and raping randos in the street. And the sickos who actually attack random people would probably not live very long. Without the police protecting criminal, we would see public lynching becoming more common.

Between you and me, what is the best deterrent for a criminal? The knowledge he might get caught by the police or the decaying body of another criminal hanging from a telephone pole?

The other pillars are about self actualization and are not really relevant in for this presentation.

The point I’m trying to make is that, if the government would collapse, there might be a little rioting in the major cities, but it would subside very fast. I don’t even think people would feel the absence of the state in the rural parts of the country.

In fact, I believe people would go back to work the very next morning following the fall of the state.

So what would change without the state? Schools and hospitals would close. This means that women will have to stay home and home-school children. Or some women might offer to teach the children in their homes for a reasonable fee.

As for the hospitals: The old folks and the ill would go live with their families. People would stop taking so many useless drugs. And if you physically ill but are such a bastard that no one loves and no one would welcome in his home… well maybe you do deserve to die.

But think about it, the doctors will not disappear when the government is gone. These doctors will want to earn a living. It is very likely that they will open private clinics to offer their services.

The only thing we really need to fix before the fall of the state is to have a currency that is not controlled by the State.

If the USA were not in such a bad shape, I would suggest follow Canadians to switch to the American currency right away. This would also have the benefit of devaluating the Canadian currency and prevent the Canadian government from printing more money.

Since Europe and China are going to fall within a decade, it would be a bad idea to use their currency.

We could switch to a crypto currency, but businesses are not equipped to use such a currency right now.

We do not have a choice; we need to start using the gold standard again. We will need to use gold bonds for trade.

It would be a wise idea to start buying precious metals in countries that will not be affected with the upcoming shit storm. It South America is the only place that will not be affected by WW3, if it is to happen. Chile is the most stable and the most capitalist of all the South American countries. I would suggest buying your gold there.

So stop taking black pills. The future is not so bad. The State is just a cancer. We will soon realize we never needed it in the first place.

Gato Villano