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Get on the Boat Biatch!!! (a short opinion essay)

GatoVillanoFeb 1, 2019, 11:27:53 PM


Get on the Boat Biatch!!! (a short opinion essay)

I was watching ‘’The Battle Ground’’ with Ezra Levant today on The Rebel Media. One of the topic he covered was a protest in Australia. The protesters were opposed to ‘’Australia Day’’. This holiday is celebrated every year on the 26th of January to commemorate the British First Fleet that arrived on to the continent in 1787. (If I messed up the Australian history, I’m sorry. I had to do some research on Aussie history to write this essay). This holiday symbolizes the colonization of Australia by the British.

The protesters advocate that the national holiday should be abolished; that the colonization of Australia was evil; and that white people should leave Australia. These kinds of protests are happening in every Western country that has, in their history, been a European colony. The reporter points out a very interesting fact about the protesters, which is that they are all white and that they are living in a British colony.

As a Libertarian, I not only support their right to express themselves, I believe that it is fucking great they have a chance to do so. I believe that we should give them the biggest platform possible for them to spew their garbage and I support their political message so much that I believe they should lead by example by getting their white asses in the boat and be deported back to Europe. That way they won’t be oppressing those poor little natives anymore. Quite frankly, we don’t need these people in the colonies anyways.

Let’s look at some history to get the context of the colonies.

Of all the nations that colonized the world there are 2 that stand out, France and Great Britain. These 2 nations have been at war for most of their history. In short, ruling families were power mad and sacrificed countless innocent lives in order to acquire more and more power. There as been countless attempts to decentralize power in Europe. This led to many horrific civil wars that claimed the lives of even more innocent people.

France is the perfect example of how Europeans are entangled in a terrible power play that they are unable to get out of. They started by overthrowing the monarchy with the French Revolution only to be ruled by a tyrannical despot, Napoleon, who wanted to rule the world. Then they had to deal with Nazi collaborators like Petain, followed by Marxist post-modern lunatics and today they are ruled over by the EU dictatorship and their globalist lapdog, Macron. This is due to the fact that they cannot overthrow one power mad maniac without the aid of another power mad maniac that will then take the power when the previous regime has fallen.

Freedom lovers in Europe had had enough of this shit during the 17th century. They advocated for personal liberties; for property rights; for the end of slavery; and for the decentralization of power. However, it was clear that they would never achieve this in Europe. There is a reason why the USA was founded during the enlightenment period. People fled to the new world in order to be free. They decided to have a land where they could live free of coercion. This is true, to various degrees, for all colonies: Canada, Australia, South Africa…

We are here because we want to be free. So if the authoritarian left wants to live under an oppressive regime, they are in the wrong countries.

I’m a Libertarian but I am not opposed to the concept of borders. I do not object to geographic delimitation that would allow people to live on a territory where they could live their lives according to their values. I’m also a strong non interventionalist. I believe that the people of a nation have the right to make choices that would influence their way of life AND to live with the consequences of those choices. I do not believe it is the responsibility of another nation to unfuck the mess a nation created for itself. People are free to help, but it is not a responsibility.

So when those stupid Leftist Marxist screeching Libertards say that we should leave the colonies and go back to Europe, they can take their leftist asses and go back to Europe. There, they will be under the rule of a leftist totalitarian government that will dictate to them what they have to do every moment of their lives. I’m serious, all you libertards: Vamos; get the fuck out; we don’t need you. As for the freedom lovers, they will be happy in the ‘’new world’’ without these authoritarians Reeeeeeeeeeing at them. Everyone is happy in the end.

And when the socialist mess, called Europe crashed and burns, don’t bother us. We don’t give a shit.

Thanks for reading

Gato Villano