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GatoVillanoSep 18, 2019, 1:55:27 AM



Last week a female student, from the Middle East, who made her doctoral thesis under the supervision of the profession I work for, was presenting her thesis. It was an enlightening experience.

The first thing that could be noticed was that she couldn’t speak English to save her life. All we got was incomprehensible gibberish. The burden was put on us to make sense of the shit she was spewing out instead of on her to prove her thesis. After 10 minutes of this crap, I gave up. If she wanted me to understand her thesis, she would have put the effort. I focused on more important stuff, such as what I was going to make for dinner when I got home.

Afterward, the jury started asking questions. She did not understand the questions; she avoided the questions and when the jury insisted she answered, she answered everything wrong. At some point, other scientists in the room raised their hands and started answering the questions. The jury double face palmed. They didn’t know what to do.

One of the jury even said: ‘’Oh come on. You were in my class. Weren’t you listening?’’

The jury finally asked everyone to leave the room in order to deliberate.

The staff of the lab was organizing a little party. It was announced that her thesis was a success and that she was now a PhD. The first thing that came to my mind was: ‘’Holy shit!!! The bar is so low… If you are a female and a minority, I don’t even think you have to show up to make your thesis to get your doctorate. I’m sure she could have drawn stick men on the board for an hour and she would have gotten her PhD.’’

During the party, some of the jury talked about feminism and leftist shit like that. At the end of the party, one of the jury looked at the room and said ‘’is there even a single old-stock Quebecker in the room?’’ He seemed happy about that. When I said ‘’yeah’’ he shook my hand and said ‘’congrats, you are a minority’’ and left.

This is not something new for me. In every single class I had at this university, half the class was African and 75% of the class were women. You could see right away that the people that were selected in my program were chosen for their identity before their ability. You could not find a better image of central planning than this.

When it came to the staff of the labs, the professors have a lot of freedom to pick the students they want. Some pick their students by ethnicity. The professor I work for wants one of every ethnicity in his lab. It makes him feel good about himself. He loves to point out the ethnic diversity of his lab.

Africans have a tendency to stay amongst themselves. They have an homogeneous staff and they call it diversity.

Most female professor prefer to have a all female lab. They are the first to bitch about how few women are in STEM and unless you have very very good grades, you are not welcome in that lab if you have a penis.

When it comes to white male GenX teachers, they pick all the good looking female students for their lab. Yes, I said it. These guys are dick thinking and they don’t hide it. They pretend it is to give women opportunities that they only hire women. The women have their way with these idiots by flattering their ego and by laughing at their jokes. They basically used their position to build themselves a harem.

Any dude from the manosphere knows how this story ends. These women will use the power they have over these men to make their way to the top and when they no longer need these idiots, they are going to Metoo their sorry asses and destroy their careers. Like Paul Elam says ‘’there are no victims, only volunteers’’.

The left has taken over STEM. White men are being pushed out. And you know what… white men were accomplice in pushing themselves out of STEM.

Pretty soon, being a man in STEM will be like walking on egg. Facts will be replaced by feels; progress will stagnate.

If you want an advice: As soon as you have your degree, don’t stick around in academia. Go in the private sector. Allow academia to fail by itself. It is not your responsibility to fix it. Eventually, degrees in STEM won’t be worth the paper it is printed on and they will start training their own employees.

One can only step back and look at how science has improved our lives and enriched mankind. And now identity politics has fucked it up.

Gato Villano