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Political Speech -- Including Hate -- Should Not Be Conflated With Porn, And Yet No One Should Be Coerced By A Site's Structure Into Unwillingly Seeing or Listening. Got a Solution?

GailMcGowanMellorJan 7, 2019, 11:35:22 AM

The right to speak and the right not to be forced to listen are two sides of the coin of free speech. Workable filters merely allow you to choose your own adventure. They do not choose for you. For example having a porn filter does not prevent people from posting porn, or prevent people from opting to see it. It merely gives people who don't want to see porn the option of a setting.  

Otherwise they'd be forced by the site itself to constantly see porn in order to opt out of porn, channel by channel, post by post. 

Here on Minds, porn posters mark the post with an E, so that users with E-filters can automatically block the post, never seeing it. That works. This has the additional utility of complying with stringent Android and Apple requirements for any ap using their cell phone platforms.

In our bumper sticker culture, meanwhile,  "white" is often used as a synonym for "evil" and in a nation continuously at war, with women and girls pushing for full human rights, some boys and men feel defrauded, expendable, exploited, like an endangered species, and/or that what they were brought up to be is not respected or wanted, even understood. That can lead to despair and rage. (@ManlyAdvice expressed that and more in a stunningly eloquent comment, but neither he nor I remember where the comment was made, so I cannot quote him. Forgive my pale summary.) Furious, some people lash out. They may pretend that their listeners are only imagining the rage and hatred in what was just said. Most have the courage of their inflections. 

The purpose of enraged rants on other people's channels however is far too often censorship, to keep others from speaking. 
Minds, having put its existence on the line for those banned by other forms of social media, is therefore trying to structure a platform where you the user can choose not only to see porn or not to see porn but whether you prefer to calm discussion or no-holds-barred discussions or both. 

We can say pretty much whatever we want on our own channels and can set the rules on our own turfs about whether discussions there are calm or melees. We can block individuals who constantly troll others' sites if that not what we're into. 
Now we need a channel filter. Current;y Minds marks both porn and enraged rants by fogging the post and marking it with an E. 

The unfortunate byproduct is that people love screaming debate or need enraged venting but do not want to see porn have to opt into porn anyway. People who only want porn also get a heaping serving of rage.

Porn and 8Chan speech are not the same thing. 
Can somebody suggest an alternative method, a more workable rage filter? I wonder for example if Minds could employ different letters, not just E, to trigger individual sieves? Do you see a better answer? This is my channel; I'm into fact-based discussion and realistic solutions not enraged venting, so if you want to scream about the situation, I support your right to but please use another turf. What I'm shooting for here is a calm discussion of a constructive fix. Thanks....