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Democracy At The Dawn of World Mind

GailMellorOct 21, 2018, 8:01:30 AM

Blessed be Tim Berners-Lee! Because of the web that he invented and freely gave us, our worldwide mind is forming. Individuality flourishes within it; we are not the Borg.Trillions of separate questions like corpuscles in a bloodstream of curiosity and intelligence bring fuel and oxygen to the secret places, the stream flushing out corruption and violence. We are the rise of freedom and self-rule.

People who were computer-equipped from childhood, fingers incanting keyboards, are better equipped for this time than those who were not. They don't consume corporately-owned print and broadcast "news" to begin with. Instead, from billions of posts, they crowdsource, some reading the original bills, treaties, etc. and reporting back, others banking what would-be leaders say against what they did, finding the authentic ones. Brought up in a flood of marketing, they don't like slick.

With leaders, but without rulers, self-organizing, the people online are as a group calm even in fury. You really don't want for example to tick off Anons by raping kids. They'll take as long as it takes, be certain, find whatever they need to nail you and then release a fusillade of data points blacking out your sky as a cage of worldwide exposure slams down around you.

Voting is fine if it's secure, which currently it isn't, so there is a push for block chains and open source.

Representative government is fine if it's healthy, which currently it isn't, so people are moving on that too, running laparoscopes into its insides, finding the cancers, starting to excise. There are so many of us. The younger that web people are, the more a unity of values, purpose and knowledge among them grows, not because of peer pressure but because of an expanding core of agreed-upon reality. Taking to the streets with graffiti that speaks and hilarious signs, our reinvented democracy fights with a visceral sense of humor that puts steel in our hands and skewers the pompous. They blatantly surface, hoping to cow us, gathering up as many treasures as they can before they have to run. Where can they run? 

Everywhere now, we'll corner them and wall the corner. Our ability to discuss, discover, expose and punish and that signature saber laughter are a growing concern to many self-serving groups as well -- for example to the two political parties blocking access to our tax-funded electoral system and the global corporations which bought our mainstream media and politicians, and are plundering our world, and Big Tech, determined to tell us what we may read, hear, publish and say. We aren't the Borg and our resistance isn't futile. We wield the weaponized knowledge and art of a humanity inherently, inalienably and indefeasibly free, and now freely linking....

Of course they're trying to stop us. 

Of course they are.

Like running water, we're going over, under, around and through....