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Work From Home - Make Money Online With Cambly

Gadget and PennyApr 12, 2019, 8:50:17 PM


Do you love to talk, and discover new things around the world? What if I told you that you could make money doing exactly those two things from your computer? Right now, you have the opportunity to turn your downtime into money just by video chatting with students studying English on Cambly.

Cambly tutors are an incredibly friendly community of native English speakers who video-chat with English students from around the world! On Cambly, the core methodology is speaking practice combined with corrections. Your sessions may range from casual conversation to homework help.

As soon as your account is activated, you can log into your tutor account and begin answering calls right away. You’ll start hearing notifications indicating students are available to speak. As you chat with students, Cambly will keep track of the number of minutes you spend chatting so you can get paid via PayPal, $0.17 per minute (every 60 minutes of chat-time comes out to $10.20). You can always check to see how much you’ve chatted by clicking on the “History” tab. You can add/change your PayPal address on your Account page.

If you're on a Priority Hour, we'll send you "Notify only you" calls. These calls are reserved just for you for 30 seconds. In addition to this early access to students' calls, Cambly guarantees a minimum of 15 minutes of paid chat minutes per hour, even if you don’t connect with students. For example, if you chat for 6 minutes during a Priority Hour, they add 9 minutes to that Hour to bring it up to the 15-minute guarantee. If you talk over 15 minutes during a Priority Hour, then they just count your talk-time. Of course, you are welcome to tutor anytime, even if you aren't on a Priority Hour.

What you need:

Stable Internet: Your internet needs to be able to consistently connect to our video chat servers.

Google Chrome: Check that you're using the latest version of Google Chrome.

Quiet and Orderly Place to Work (required): Your computer & camera should be resting on a desk in order to maintain a stable video feed.

Headset with mic (strongly recommended/not required): The earbuds that come with any smartphone also work well.

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